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10 Common Reasons Why People Call the Plumber


We all know plumbers can fix leaks and unclog drains, but that’s not all that they can do. There are different reasons why you might want to call a plumbing expert. Here are 10 things you didn’t know your plumber could do for you.

1. Inspect your plumbing system

Using a small video camera and the latest technology, plumbers are able to inspect drains to search for any issues with them. They are also able to detect leaks so they can fix them as soon as possible.

2. Waterproof your basement

No one wants to find mold in their basement. Fortunately, plumbers can waterproof basements by installing drain systems with a sump pump. If your basement seems to always get wet in the spring, call your plumber.

3. Help you remodel your bathroom

If you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, your plumber should be able to provide you with some helpful tips. They will help you figure out where you should place your toilet, your sink and your bath tub.

4. Install new faucets

You are not ready to remodel your entire bathroom, but you have just bought new faucets and you are not sure how to install them. Plumbers are always ready to install faucets for their clients, so you should not try to do it yourself unless you know what you are doing.

5. Upgrade your garbage disposal

Plumbers can install and repair garbage disposals. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your garbage disposal, you can ask your plumber to replace it with a newer, more powerful model.

6. Install washer lines

If you want to move your washing machine in a spot where the plumbing has not been prepared for it, your plumber can help you by installing your hot and cold water lines. This is not the kind of job you can easily do yourself.

7. Maintain your hot water tank

If  you maintain your hot water tank properly, it will last longer. This means you should flush it regularly. You should be able to do this on your own, but your plumber can help you if you are not sure how to do it.

8. Unclog your toilet

When your toilet gets clogged, you should try to unclog it yourself. However, if you don’t succeed, it’s best to call a plumber. Your plumber will find what is the problem with your toilet, and will know how to fix it for good.

9. Service your septic tank system

If you have a septic tank, your plumber can help you maintain it. If your toilet is flushing poorly, or if you notice bad odors in and around your home, ask your plumber to come and inspect your septic tank system.

10. Come to your rescue

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime: during the middle of the night, or just before you are about to leave for your vacation. Your plumber should be able to get to your home quickly to fix your plumbing emergencies.


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