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3 Questions to Ask Your Next Shipping Company


There’s a lot that goes into picking the right shipping company to meet your business’s needs. Whether you’re new to the game as a startup, or are a well-known business looking to change over to a new shipping company, there are major things your business should keep in mind when it comes to choosing.

Ideally, your business needs a company that reduces costs, saves your people time, and enhances overall customer satisfaction. You need a shipping company that understands your business and its goals as if it were one of your own team members.

This guide will help you make sure the shipping company you sign with is the best fit for your business. Just ask these three simple questions of yourself, your colleagues, and the shipping company while searching.

1. How will this shipping company reduce my business’s costs?

Are you getting the best service for your business? Is the shipping company using the best methodology and practices possible to ensure timely delivery that saves you and your customers money? Take a visit to the shipment warehouse to be assured that the shipping company practices what they spew to you in their original pitch. Do not limit yourself to phone conversations or email correspondences when choosing a shipping company. Always make sure the right people from your business are visiting the warehouse pre-decision making. You want to be sure to have all of the information and boxes ticked before you sign any contracts.

2. How will this company save my people time?

Are duties being absorbed by the shipping company, or delegated in an appropriate way that eliminates your people from having to do something in house? Does your shipping company allow your people to get ahead on tasks they should be doing rather than ones they had to do before they found the right shipping company? Seek out clients of the shipping company, if possible, to see how they like the service. Visit the company website to see a list of clients they serve, then do your research. Check the company’s shipment satisfaction ratings on every independent website they serve. Doing your research will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

3. How will this company increase overall customer satisfaction?

Does the shipping company make an additional effort to include the coupons or coupon code slips you requested be added to every package over $50? How attentive are they to detail? Detail, organization, and care are pivotal for having a successful relationship with your shipping company and for your business as a whole. Making sure this need is met comes with knowing the shipping company’s management system. When a strong management system is implemented that encourages open communication and delegation among employees, this is a good sign for your business. You will be all the more comfortable and assured when you are affirmed by the company’s management system. The primary goal here is building connections with people through and through.

Whatever shipping company you decide to go with, be sure they put your customers and your business’s needs first. The priority should always be achieving short term and long term goals. When companies connect and goals are met, you are sure to achieve great business to business harmony.