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5 Benefits of Using Stretch Film On Your Merchandise


Stretch film is a durable, thin, plastic film, generally made of low-density linear polyethylene. It is commonly used to package and transport a large amount of goods from place to place. The stretchy plastic comes in different types of film and sizes. It can be wrapped around products manually or mechanically for a secure fit.

While there are many products on the market to secure merchandise, stretch wrap plastic film is the most popular substance used. There are many benefits to using stretchable wrap to package your merchandise.

1. Cost Effective

Plastic film is by far, more cost effective to use than most packing products on the market. Not only is it cheaper to buy, but the thin sheeting is lightweight, adding less cost to the shipping expenses as well. The larger roles can bundle and ship more items simultaneously with only one roll, compared to other products that require multiple packs to secure smaller bundles.

2. Durable and Secure

Stretch film is more durable and less likely to break or rip during transport. Because it wraps almost entirely around the whole package, it holds the merchandise more securely together so there is less movement of the load.

3. Bigger Bundles

Where post packing materials only provide secure sealing for one or two bundles at a time, stretch film can hold several in place together. Plastic film holds items more securely together so more boxes or bundles can be stacked and packaged together.

4. Less Damage

Because plastic wrap packs cargo more tightly together, there is less chance of the product getting broken or damaged during transportation. The film does not rip easily so bundles will not break loose while being moved.

The plastic sheathing also reduces the amount of dust, debris, moisture, bugs, or rodents from getting into the parcel and causing damage.

5. Recyclable

The plastic film is made with recyclable materials so it can be reused rather than end up in a landfill. Many companies also offer cash back incentives when returning the used plastic film. Relatively clean, used wrap that is can be returned to the manufacturer to be recycled; the manufacturers will pay persons who return their films. Incentive based recycling programs are beneficial to everyone: companies require less materials to make their product, consumers get some of their money back and the environment benefits because there is less waste in the landfills.

Plastic stretch film is a useful and popular way to package and transport goods from one place to another. Commercial industries that produce and move large quantities of merchandise from their site to other outlets use shrink wrap to secure larger volumes safely with less risk of damage or loss.

Plastic film is also more cost effective than most securing devices and can be recycled. The ongoing benefits of this material increases its popularity with most companies.