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5 Email Tips to Boost Your Office’s Productivity


Don’t you sometimes wish that rumors of email’s death were not greatly exaggerated?

Emails can be a real drain on your office’s overall productivity. Receiving an email notification, seeing a new email on your web browser tab and getting dozens of emails per hour can all serve as hindrances to the 21st century employee.

Despite email communication being an easier form of sharing documents, providing updates and confirming protocols, emails can eat up a large chunk of your time. Who knew email workflow management would be so important to the average workplace, small or large?

Although Facebook and YouTube are considered the biggest distractions for the modern office, it is actually email that many say takes their attention away from their work. No company ever wants to hear this.

So, how exactly can you manage your emails while boosting productivity numbers?

Here are five email workflow management tips to boost your office’s productivity:

1. Give Yourself a Schedule

If you feel like you keep hitting the refresh button every 15 minutes or you check your inbox every 10 minutes, then the perfect remedy for this is to establish an email schedule.

Rather than sporadically checking your email throughout the day, incorporate intervals into your workday. For instance, you can check your email at 9 a.m., before and after lunch, 2 p.m. and before you leave work. This allows you to concentrate on your work first rather than being a slave to your email.

2. Delete Unnecessary Emails First

As you peruse your inbox, you should first delete unnecessary emails. Whether it is a marketing email from a brand or phishing emails from scammers, you should eliminate these immediately.

This gives you a better opportunity to determine what needs to be replied to right away or what can be postponed until you’re ready to compose an in-depth, detailed message.

3. Close Email Boxes & Turn Off Notifications

Are you constantly distracted by email and notifications? It’s simple: close your email window and turn off all of your email notifications. This is where the schedule comes into play anyway.

You don’t need to be on email all day. Even if you’re quickly checking your inbox for 30 seconds, that’s half-a-minute that can be focused on your work load sitting on your desk.

4. Implement the Two-Minute Rule

Consultants have come up with the Two-Minute Rule. It’s works like this:

If it takes two minutes or less then do it right away.
If it takes longer than two minutes then add it to your to-do list.
Yep, it’s that simple, and will do wonders for your email workflow management.

5. Be Succinct – Like USA Today

Every single email you send should be error-free without any grammar or spelling mistakes. At the same time, you want your emails to be composed as quickly as possible without wasting too much of your free time. Therefore, when you write an email, it should be short, to the point, succinct and contain all of the necessary details and orders.

By doing this, you can prevent constant back-and-forth emails between sender and recipient.