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5 Guidelines For Using Leak Detection Equipment


When packaging food and other items to be sold and distributed, it is important to have leak detection equipment to help identify if packaging is not up to standards. Through different types of tests which are used for different types of packaging and food, leak detection equipment is able to give you a lot of information about the packaging being tested.

1. Identifies the leak and where it is

Leak detection equipment will not only detect a leak in the packaging, but will also detect the location of the leak to make it simpler for you to solve the problem. The equipment will even test for and identify microleaks, which can be difficult to otherwise find. It is important to invest in good leak detection equipment to identify any package leak issues before the product is produced and distributed, because leaky packages could be dangerous to consumers.

2. Tests package integrity

The integrity of the package as well as the integrity of the seals in the package will be tested by the leak detection equipment. This will ensure that the packaging is as strong as it is intended to be, and that the seals will hold under the necessary amount of pressure. Packages go through a whole bunch of steps before they arrive on the shelf, so it is important to know that the packages are not leaking and are going to hold together during their travels. Of course thinks do happen from time to time and packages break, but the goal is to ensure this happens as infrequently as possible.

3. Tests different kinds of packaging

With the right equipment, you don’t have to worry about what kind of packaging you use and whether the equipment will be able to test it. Good leak detection equipment can test all sorts of packaging, including vacuum-sealed packaging, sachets, pouches, trays with sealed lids and more. Different products fare better in different types of packaging. As such, leak detection equipment needs to have the ability to test all, or at least many, of these different types of packages.

4. Tests different types of food

Good leak detection equipment is designed to be versatile enough to be able to test different kinds of packaging. With that also comes the versatility of testing different foods. Regardless of whether it is wet or dry food, or whether it is perishable or non-perishable, leak detection equipment can test the packaging on it. This equipment can test meat, dairy, grains, candy, and even non-food items that come in packaging that require testing. It can test frozen, cold, or room-temperature foods and substances too.

5. Is simple to use

Leak detection equipment is not meant to add an extra, difficult step to the production process, and that means that the equipment has been designed to be as easy to use and as convenient as possible.

The equipment is generally simple, with not a lot of buttons, levers, or cords. It doesn’t even need a cord – compressed air can be used to complete some of the tests. Others require the user to fill the chamber with water. The chamber is transparent with no equipment blocking the view of the package. The user can use this 360 degree view to analyze the results of the leak detection test.

The equipment is also easy to clean, and is suitable for places where the entire room needs to be washed down. It is easy to move around, and can basically be placed anywhere that works for the user. Simply put, good leak detection equipment works for the user, the user shouldn’t have to work for their leak detection equipment.