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5 Steps to Launch a Successful Customer Loyalty Program


A customer loyalty program can help you build a relationship with your customers, while allowing you to grow your business with increased sales and improved customer service.

The right customer loyalty program will be simple, easy to use, accessible to anyone, and it will offer interesting rewards to your most loyal customers. Here is how you canstart your own successful customer loyalty program.

1. Choose the type of program you want to start

Start by thinking about your business, and about your customers. Try to find the program that will best match the products or services you are offering, and the needs and habits of your customers. A loyalty punch card is a simple option: you can use it to offer a free product or service after a number of purchases.

You can also choose to use plastic card printing equipment to create loyalty membership cards that will allow you to track the purchases of your customers, to offer them discounts, and to award them points they will be able to exchange for a reward.

Some business owners will prefer setting up an online customer loyalty program, through an email list or a special app. You will be able to send news and promotions to your loyal customers, or to reward them for sharing and reviewing your products on social medias.

2. Decide how you will reward your members

Now that you have decided which type of customer loyalty program you would like to start, think of how you will reward the members of your program for their loyalty. Some customers like free gifts, while others would prefer exchanging their loyalty points for a free service.

Choose interesting rewards that will appeal to your most loyal customers, and will make your business stand out from the competition. If you need some inspiration, ask your customers what kind of rewards they are interested in.

3. Gather the material you will need

If you want to offer punch cards to your customers, you will need to design them and to print them out. If you prefer creating membership cards, a plastic card printing system paired with a software will help you design and print out your cards, and manage your customer loyalty program.

If you want to create an email list or to offer an app to your most loyal customers, you will have to go online to find the best services for your needs. Some services will be free, while others will come with a fee.

4. Market your loyalty program

Your customer loyalty program will not be a success if no one knows about it, so be sure you are marketing it well. Start by making sure your employees understand it so they can promote it to your customers.

You should also advertise your program throughout your store with signs and posters to convince new members to sign up, and to remind your members to use their card or their app. Ads on your local newspapers and on social media platforms will help improve the visibility of your customer loyalty program as well.

5. Keep in touch with your members

If your customer loyalty program involves an email list or an app, it will be easy for you to communicate regularly with your members to let them know about your latest news and promotions.

If you provided your members with a punch card or a  membership card, think of a way to stay in touch with them to remind them to bring their card when they visit you, so they can take advantage of your customer loyalty program.