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5 Tips to Improve Your Sales CRM


The world of business is more competitive than ever before. In today’s economy, consumers have more choices to shop, while businesses that wish to survive need to continually keep up with the times and ensure that their customers remain their top priority.

There is often very little room for errors because customers today are more knowledgeable, difficult to please and are always looking for a bargain. We’re always on the hunt for sales.

CRM refers to customer relationship management. It is a term that outlines the practices, strategies, and technologies that businesses use to cater to their customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

The ultimate objective of the CRM platform is to help businesses improve relationships with their customers, to improve customer satisfaction and customer retention and to improve sales.

Here are 5 tips to improve your sales customer relationship management (CRM):

1. Don’t be Afraid to be a Leader

Today, many business owners micro-manage their employees and sale staff. By doing so, they tend to become too involved in all aspects of the operation which in turn results in reducing the autonomy and flexibility of the employees. This often leads to negative emotions, lack of creativity and loss of motivation.

There is no doubt that employees need to be managed and supervised but a good leader is one who is able to inspire the staff and motivate them to be creative and productive without undermining their efforts.

When workers become motivated, it leads to better productivity and efficiency in the workplace which automatically leads to an improvement in customer satisfaction and sales CRM.

2. Create a Culture of Happiness

One major problem that leads to poor customer service is the constant staff turnover because workers are unhappy. The aim is to create a culture of happiness so that the worker feels at ease and under no pressure.

An important reminder is to not produce a culture where everyone blames each other or where employees are too scared to speak up or convey their opinions and offer their feedback. Once the organizational mission is integrated with social responsibility, this leads to more content workers, more stability in the workforce and better CRM.

3. Building a Team is the Best Way to Thrive

There was a time when a single person could run his business, but today the world of business has become more complex. One needs to hire the best talent for every department. While searching for the best talent can be a time-consuming affair, in the long run, it saves money and brings in more efficiency.

Never settle for second best and look for people who have the same vision as you.

As a business leader, you need to observe the behavior of your workers. Indeed, even minor negatives can become a huge problem in future. If you continue to see a certain pattern among some of your employees and you do not think this behavior is in line with the vision and mission of the company, you should let them go.

It is better to work with a few good people than to have negative workers in your team as they can pass on this negativity other employees as well.

4. Set an Example for Others to Follow

If you want to thrive and improve CRM, then be a role model for your team.

Here are a few tricks to set a good example:

  • Follow the same process and standards that you want your workers to follow.
  • Set up tools to track what the customers want and improve on their feedback.
  • The more you take part in the daily grind of your business, the more your workers and customers will appreciate you.

5. Be Open to Communicate

One of the major complaints by workers today is that their superiors rarely communicate with them. So, and perhaps this is common sense, open up communications at every level. Workers need to know what is happening, what they should be doing and how the business is performing.

Keep workers up to date on any changes you make and let them know your expectations.