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6 Most Famous Lawsuits Against Businesses


A lawsuit is typically something that you take very seriously, no matter which side of the law you fall on. These lawsuits may range from business disputes to copyright infringement allegations.

Many lawsuits require the knowledge and expertise of professional lawyers, and they will come up with effective legal strategies to win the case diligently.

However, this does not mean that a lawsuit cannot be incredibly strange or outlandish. In fact, there are probably more crazy lawsuits, with equally incredible stories that accompany them, than there are bland and boring ones.

Over the years, there are some corporate lawsuits quite juicy and entertaining to observe. Here are the six historic and most famous lawsuits against businesses:

1. Donald Trump and the New York Times Lawsuit

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy, even before his days in the White House. However, he really stepped into the spotlight when he began his campaign for president, which has led to many public moments for the entrepreneur, ranging from aggressive Twitter rants to televised screaming matches with reporters.

However, one of his most infamous moments so far came in the form of a leaked outtake on the set of Access Hollywood, wherein Trump made some pretty controversial and troubling comments about his personal proclivities. Naturally, this led to the New York Times publishing a story featuring two women accusing Trump of misconduct.

Of course, Trump was not a fan of this angle at all, and attempted to sue the New York Times for reckless defamation. As time has went on, however, the Times have proven to be the very least of his issues in office, leading to the famous lawsuit case seemingly dying out.

2. The Husband and Uber Lawsuit

Source: Uber Technologies Inc.

Simply put, a French man attempted to sue the transportation company, Uber, for ruining his marriage. Of course, there is quite a lot of story missing from this sentence, so let’s start at the beginning.

This entire incident began when the plaintiff logged into the Uber app on his wife’s phone, but the app supposedly continued to receive notifications about his Uber usage after he logged out. This allowed his wife to see exactly where he was using his Uber access to go, and apparently his destinations were less than acceptable for her. These rides allegedly inspired her to file for divorce.

The husband then came to the conclusion that there was only one entity that was at fault for this happening: Uber. He went on to attempt to sue the company for about $48 million in emotional damages in one of the most famous lawsuits against the business.

3. McDonald’s and the Hot Coffee Lawsuit

Source: McDonald’s

This is one of the most famous lawsuits that has gotten a lot of attention for many reasons, primarily due to the division of the public surrounding the outcome. The outcome which left 80-year-old Stella Liebeck about $2.7 million richer after spilling scalding hot coffee in her lap while at McDonald’s.

Originally, the woman attempted to get a mere $800 to cover the fees for skin grafts following the spill. However, the case spiraled out of control and ended up costing the company millions and brought the idea of frivolous lawsuits into public consciousness.

4. 21st Century Fox and Roger Ailes Lawsuit

Source: The Walt Disney Company

The infamous allegations that helped kick off an important movement of recent times, Roger Ailes removed himself from the public eye following several damaging accusations that the Fox News Chief had been partaking in sexual harassment.

Following his departure, it was discovered that Ailes was actually using millions of dollars of the network’s budget to settle these terrible issues in private, paying off anyone who may have wanted to come forward with accusations against him. This led to 21st Century Fox suing Ailes for funds used, as well as any bad reputation his actions brought to the network.

5. Brendan Vezmar and the Movie Texter Lawsuit

On a good night, a date can be the start of a wonderful friendship or relationship. On worse nights, it may end up in a court hearing, as was the case for a potential couple from Austin, TX.

Brendan Vezmar was eager to see the hit film Guardians of the Galaxy with a woman who he thought was a good choice to hang out with for an evening. He covered her fee to enter the theater, coming in at a staggering $17.31 in total, but was dismayed when he quickly realized that his date would be playing on her phone throughout the film. Vezmar did not appreciate this at all.

Therefore, he did the rational and mature thing, and promptly took the woman to court in order to recoup his extravagant loss of $17.31. In the end, however, the woman reimbursed Vezmar in full, but only after the precious time of court officials had been wasted on this issue.

6. Aitken and Fear Factor Lawsuit

Fear Factor is a popular show that kept viewers entertained, grossed out, and on edge for several seasons. However, people still continued to enjoy the show even when it went overboard. One of the instances where the show went a bit too far was when a challenge had participants drink processed rat remains.

While this may have been on the edge of standard fare for the show, one regular viewer did not appreciate the image one bit. Austin Aitken found himself so physically sickened by the episode that he actually vomited while watching. Unfortunately, this also made his blood pressure spike to the point of disorientation, leaving him stumbling into a wall in confusion.

Aitken then went on to sue NBC for $2.5 million. However, the case was soon thrown out, as Mr. Aitken could have simply changed the channel before things went too far for his taste.