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6 Ways to Step Up Your Real Estate Marketing


If you haven’t spiced up your business marketing in a while, there are a lot of things you can do to ramp up your real estate marketing ideas. From improving photo quality to following up with clients, there are a lot of things you can do to bring in more customers. Keep reading to learn six ways you can improve the marketing for your real estate business.

1. Improve Your Photo Quality

Anyone can tell the difference between a casual photo and a high-quality professional photo. If you’re a potential homebuyer and you see low-quality, grainy, or otherwise non-professional photos, you might not have a great first-impression of a house.

There’s no excuse in this day and age to use poor photography on your marketing materials or in your listings. You don’t have to hire a professional photographer, although you certainly can if you want to; most phones come with good cameras and editing apps are available for purchase, or even free. The best photos are taken in natural light, with different angles.

2. Increase Activity on Social Media

Practically everyone uses social media to share their personal lives, but are you using these platforms to grow your business? It’s time to go online where your prospects and clients likely have been for a long time.

The big secret is to not just post home listings. Instead, share value-rich content, which we will explain more below. You can ask your readers to comment and share your content, as well. Make sure you respond to any comments they do leave for you.

3. Offer Useful Content

Not all visitors to your site are currently looking for a home to buy, and if you’re only posting listings, that won’t be of any value to many of your readers. Share and send content that has valuable information that might be applicable to people not currently looking to sell or buy. If you post valuable, useful content that can also be shared, you will increase your chances of being exposed to more potential clients.

4. Ask for Referrals

Referrals from previous and current clients make up a huge chunk of real estate agents’ marketing. Having said that, over 40 percent of real estate agents don’t bother spending money on referrals every month.

Create a strategy to ask your clients for referrals, and make this a common practice. Over 90 percent of people trust the recommendations they receive from family and friends more than any other form of marketing. Don’t be afraid to ask your happy clients to pass along your business card. Most will be more than happy to do this, and you could gain future clients.

5. Follow Up with Clients

It is extremely important that you stay in touch with past clients. Selling and buying a home doesn’t happen a lot in people’s lives, but when it does, you want your name to be the one they think of when it’s time to list or go house-hunting. You can send out real estate newsletters that offers valuable content. You can call and thank them for their business. You can send a birthday card or anniversary card; really, anything that makes them feel valued as a customer will make you the agent they want to call.

6. Clean Up Your Database

When your data is old or otherwise bad, it doesn’t help your business. Make sure your data is clean and up-to-date. Take the time to go through and remove unsubscribe requests to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts.