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7 Most Effective Types of Direct Marketing


Do you want to be a marketing genius? Whether you are marketing products or services, you can take your business to the next level. The following are seven effective types of direct marketing strategies that can give you an edge over your competition.

1. Online Marketing

The Internet has revolutionized direct marketing today. You can now directly promote your brand to the target users.

Online marketing eliminates geographical barriers. Your potential users around the world have the same access to online platforms as the fellow across your street thanks to globalization. By embracing the new way of selling products and services via digital downloads or drop shipping, you are able to expand your current reach to new markets you won’t have otherwise reached.

Online direct marketing makes it easy to close sales. It is also more flexible, more targeted, more affordable, more responsive and more profitable. You are leaving money on the table if you are not using internet marketing to grow your direct marketing sales.

2. One-on-One Marketing

This is the most traditional type of direct marketing known to man. Also known as Face-to-Face Selling, it involves selling to both established and potential consumers. It is easier to convince an individual to buy a product or service if you can physically pitch it to them.

It also allows you to demonstrate to the consumer how your product or service actually works. You get to answer questions or clarify issues about your product that they don’t understand. Use raw feedback from users to enhance the quality of your brands and customer relations. This is an effective strategy for the steady growth of your customer base.

3. Direct-mail Selling

In direct mail marketing, you send information about a product or sale announcement, special offers, service reminder or other communication to persons or business entities at a specific address or street. Your direct mail campaigns can use email, voice mail, fax mail, audio, videotapes, CDs, and printed materials.

To reach your target-market, direct-mail marketing is a highly recommended strategy. It is flexible, personalized and permits monitoring early testing and response. Come up with an accurate and selective mailing list to determine the success of this strategy. Feedback should help you modify products and services and align them with the specific needs of customers. This strategy helps you build a lasting bond with your clients.

4. Product Catalogs

This is another type of direct marketing. It uses catalogues as communication tools. Product catalogues involve featuring brands that address the needs of a particular audience with a propensity to ordering from catalogues. By using product catalogues, you join an increasing number of direct marketers reaching out to customers and prospects by sending catalogues on CD-ROM.

If you consider the fact that the average U.S. household receives 50 catalogues each year, you immediately start to see the impact of product catalogues. Catalogued products range from specialty goods to general merchandise.

5. Telemarketing

This involves a flexible process of contacting potential customers and prospects from a qualified list. You then attempt to sell your goods and services by pitching them over the phone. Your success in telemarketing depends on the quality of your calling list, contact structure, an effective script, and well-trained personnel.

As an incentive, reward and compensate marketing executives who make calls that lead to sales. While at it, bear in mind that the average household receives a minimum of 19 telemarketing calls every year. The beauty of this strategy is that your sales executives can sell your goods and services from the comfort of their office or house.

6. Direct-Response Marketing

In this strategy, you communicate with potential users through radio, newspapers, magazines, and television. Your likely buyer hears, reads or watches the news about your service or product. Television offers broad exposure to end users. Print media provides your brand info to people over prolonged periods.

Whether a 60-minute infomercial or a 30-second commercial, your business will attract a steady flow of traffic, people who could end up being consistent and loyal customers.

7. Kiosk Selling/Marketing

You can provide your products and services through kiosk marketing. For ease of access to your products and services, you can open outlets closer to your consumers. A good example of Kiosk marketing is your bank’s automatic teller machines (ATMs) that are placed in strategic high-traffic areas.

To maximize your sales, the placement of your kiosks should be informed by research. An additional benefit to this strategy is that potential, impromptu and prospective buyers get the opportunity to purchase your brands. Happy customers refer others to your kiosk and enhance customer flow and sales growth.

Your business may use several of these direct marketing types to leverage the market presence of your brands. There is no single silver bullet to direct marketing. The best direct marketing strategy is informed by product type, budget, size, and business. Of importance is your ability to engage various communication platforms to reach the masses.