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7 Safe Ways to Move Furniture Without Damage


It never seems to fail, when moving furniture from one location to another, something is bound to get damaged, scratched, or broken. Whether you are doing it yourself moving with family and friends or hiring professional movers service, there is always a risk of something happening to your larger valuables while en route to your new destination.

Without proper care, bigger items are more vulnerable to the movements of a vehicle. Taking precautions to stow your big furniture will help keep then safe from breaks and dings.

1. Use the Right Packing Materials

People often think about packing materials for their small items but there are packaging products for your bigger furniture as well. Plastic mattress covers, bubble wrap, cardboard sheets, shrink wrap, and couch, chair, and loveseat sized covers, are great tools to keep your bigger items secured. You can also use old beach towels or sheets and foam to protect your wares.

2. Clean Your Furniture

Before moving to a new space, clean your belongings thoroughly to remove the dirt and grime. This will reduce the risk of scratches or abrasions from occurring while in transit.

3. Empty and Remove Drawers and Storage Areas

Any large household items that contain drawers, bins, or other storage sections should be completely emptied before being transferred from their current spot. The extra weight can shift inside the dressers and tables, causing harm to your pieces.

4. Disassemble Your Furniture Yourself

If your bigger products can be taken apart, doing so before you move them will reduce the risk of damage because they will be simpler to transport and stow. Taking the bigger sections apart yourself will make sure the pieces are separated properly and the parts are stored safely. Remove wheels, legs, handles, knobs, and other smaller parts that can get caught on other boxes or packaging before relocating your belongings.

5. Plan Your Move in Advance

Before you even begin loading the vehicle, you should have a plan in place so you know where and how you are going to place all your packages. A well drafted arrangement should also consider weight and size distribution so your portables are balanced evenly throughout the vehicle. By developing a clear action plan, you can determine how to place everything so there is minimal movement and rubbing of your belongs.

6. Wrap Your Furniture Properly

Just as much care should be taken to secure and cover the large items as is made for the smaller, fragile treasures. Before loading your big stuff onto a moving truck, it is important to make sure you use the packaging materials and padding to wrap and secure your heaviest belongings properly to minimize the risk of damage. Covering your big pieces properly before relocating them will help protect each part from rubbing or banging against the truck or other merchandise.

7. Do a Final Check

Once everything is loaded into the van, do a final check before driving away to make sure everything is secure and there are no unforeseen loose ends or areas where your stuff can shift. Taking time to check all your loaded personal items will give you the extra time you need to make sure everything is safely and securely ready for transport.

Moving from one place to another is a common chore that everyone at some point in their life will do at least once. To ensure your bigger furnishings stay just as safe and damage free as your smaller pieces, it is important to prepare your heavier household items for transport before relocating them into a moving vehicle.