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Are You an Employment Lawyer? 5 Tasks You Must Excel In


Employment lawyers are now working with Canadians across the country to help protect them against unfair conduct on the behalf of their employers. If you’ve encountered a situation within your workplace in which your employer has acted against the law to penalize you or a group of your fellow employees, you might be considering working with an employment lawyer in order to gain compensation for the company’s wrongdoing. In this post, we’ll clear up some of the misconceptions, and explain more on the benefits you can gain from hiring an employment lawyer.

1. Expertise in Writing Contracts

Before you agree to a change in role within your company, you might work with an employment lawyer to determine whether your rights are being protected by the firm. Some companies will take the opportunity to reduce your pay or the number of benefits you receive from the firm. They might also be increasing your responsibilities without further compensation. To ensure all elements of the contract are in accordance with your working needs, an employment lawyer can oversee the contract negotiation and signing process.

2. Analyzing Constructive Dismissal Cases

In situations where your responsibilities have changed over time, or you’re not being compensated fairly for the amount of work on your shoulders, you can apply for constructive dismissal. But if you take on this process without the guidance of a legal specialist, you’re unlikely to achieve a favourable outcome. An employment lawyer can analyze your case and make sure that your employer is held to account for any changes they make within your employment contract.

3. Representation in Workplace Harassment Cases

Workplace harassment is now at record levels across the country, and thousands of new cases are reported each year. It’s important that you know you’re not alone if you feel you’re being harassed in the workplace. And hiring an employment lawyer is a great first step to ensuring that the harassment stops. Your lawyer can review your case and determine whether you have the legal grounds to make a claim against the person and the organization. They will provide you with the resources you need to move forward and to protect your legal rights. They can advocate on your behalf and ensure that the company upholds the law in protecting all of its employees against harassment in the workplace.

4. Managing Non-Compete Contracts

If you’ve signed a non-compete contract, and then been dismissed from your company, you might be restricted in terms of your employment options moving forward. Your employment lawyer should be able to offer guidance on the restrictions placed within the non-compete contract. They can advise you on the legal steps to take to ensure that you’re free to move to the company of your choice in the future. Before making any choices about your career options, a visit to an employment lawyer is the best way to safeguard your rights and uphold your own legal responsibilities.

5. Reviewing Discrimination Cases

If you have been fired from your job role as a result of your gender, religion, or sexual orientation, you could have a case for unfair dismissal. Your employer must have legal grounds for dismissal and while in many cases it can be difficult to prove dismissal on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, or religion, a lawyer might be able to build a case against the company for you. Working with the lawyer, you can determine if there is sufficient evidence through which to move the case forward.

By working closely with an employment lawyer, you can safeguard your employment rights and ensure you receive fair compensation for your working role. Review the local legal services available to begin this important process.