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Buying a Honda: 4 Guidelines for Your Next Purchase


Honda makes some of the most popular and affordable cars in Canada. They also have a variety of makes and models to choose from. Millions of Canadians have come to love their new or used Honda since the company came to Canada in 1969. They grew their market first through imports and then by building a manufacturing facility in Alliston, Ontario in 1986, followed by two more plants in 1998 and the third facility in 2008. Honda in Canada provides jobs for over 19,000 people and buys $2.1 billion of goods from Canadian-based suppliers. Even more importantly they make and service automobiles that Canadians and their families love to drive.

If you are thinking about buying a new Honda there are many options to choose from. But you should do your homework first. You need to think about a number of important factors, even before you step into your local Honda showroom. Those factors might include safety features, the space you and your family might require in a vehicle, how much you will drive your new Honda and the type of driving you will do, and finally, the cost. You should have an idea about how much your budget can afford before you pick your new or used Honda.

1. Safety

Safety should be your number one consideration when it comes to selecting a vehicle. While all automobiles today are safer than before, there are now some optional safety features than you can consider as well. Accidents may well happen, but you should have the most protection for yourself and your family as possible in that unfortunate event. All Honda vehicles offer superior safety features. It is one of their hallmarks and why so many people trust them. Every Honda comes equipped with dual-stage, multiple-threshold airbags. And the Honda-exclusive ACE Body Structure enhances protection by distributing crash energy throughout the vehicle.

2. Space

Space is another important consideration when it comes time to purchase or lease another vehicle. Compact or smaller vehicles may be less expensive, but they may not fit you and all of your children’s hockey equipment at the same time. You also need to think about how much storage space you will need if you plan to travel on business or for a family vacation. Honda vehicles offer a wide variety of space options from the smaller models to larger SUV’s. The Honda Civic is a good choice for a family of four while the Honda CR-V or Honda Pilot that seats eight passengers might be a good choice for a large or growing family.

3. Usage

If most of your travel is a daily commute you will want to consider fuel efficient vehicles like the Honda Civic. If however, you are planning to use your new car for regular long trips or on vacation, then it might be more appropriate to consider a larger Honda like the Honda Odyssey. It all depends on your personal requirements. If it is just you driving the car, get the most comfortable fit for you. If you have other needs, then make sure you build them into your decision-making process.

4. Cost

When it comes to cost. you should be looking at what you can initially pay as a down payment or what you can get for a trade-in. Then take a look at the purchase price plus the operating costs like gas, insurance and maintenance to ensure that your vehicle fits your budget. Honda has a fleet of vehicles in every price range and you should be able to find one that meets both your needs and what you can afford to pay.