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Crisis in the Workplace: 5 Important Cases for an Employment Lawyer


Employment laws and regulations are complex, but they protect your rights. Professional employment lawyers have extensive knowledge of these laws and the rights of individuals. Situations that involve a wrongful termination, discrimination or exploitation require a reputable lawyer who can represent your case with confidence.

Not all of us are aware that employment lawyers can reverse any HR conflict and influence a favorable decision. We are more likely to move on and accept conditions that are wrongfully imposed on us. Every employer has rights and can fight for it through a well known employment lawyer. When entangled in an employment conflict or any other employment battle, don’t just accept it. Act by hiring the best employment lawyer.

Here are some serious cases where an employment firm or lawyer can help overcome:

1. Discrimination

There are so many forms of discrimination such as age, racial, religion, disability and gender. Many victims are too afraid to file a complaint as they fear being fired from their job. In such circumstances, your best option is to consider an employment lawyer as they can act as the arbitrator and speak on your behalf. They are familiar with anti-discrimination laws and will be able to provide you guidance on when discrimination is present or actually committed at the workplace.

You may think it is best to turn a blind eye on some wrongful employment actions. Some cases are so trivial that it would be absurd to even report it. Some of course can be resolved mutually. However, if the case persists, it is best to contact a specialized lawyer. It is always good to know your rights and what is a wrongful employment action.

2. Wrongful Termination

If no warning or reasonable notice was provided before the termination, this is a wrongful dismissal. Employers may have followed the minimum statutory laws, but that does not mean it is right. It can still be a wrongful termination based on the case and actions conducted until the termination.  A good example includes whistleblowers that are likely to be terminated for their actions.

3. Severance Package

With wrongful dismissal also comes the severance package. You want to ensure there is no prejudiced involved with your severance payout.  A reputable lawyer can ensure you receive your rightful compensation and achieve a favorable outcome.

4. Bullying and Harassment

Unpleasant actions such as bullying and harassment often are overlooked at the workplace. Bullying and harassment lowers your morale and threatens your safety at work. These actions should not be tolerated. You have the right to stop your colleagues from either bullying or harassing you or any other colleagues.

Being assertive might appear difficult as you may fear the repercussions. The best approach is to involve your immediate manager who has the authority to resolve and end such behaviors at work and within your team. If your immediate supervisor or manager is not able to resolve these issues at the workplace, you need to contact an employment lawyer to help you resolve these obnoxious workplace behaviors.

5. Exploitation

Exploitation allows employers to get away with breaking the law. These situations can involve small issues as not getting paid for overtime or performing more than the job description. Exploitation is common for low wage earners, migrant workers and people on a work permit. If you are not receiving the minimum wage, this can also be considered exploitation. No one should be exploited at work. Exploitation is not tolerated by the law and can result in steep penalties. Ensure to talk to a lawyer if you feel that you are being exploited.