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Crunching the Numbers: 7 Benefits of Working with Chartered Accountants


A professional accountant can handle the accounts of your business for you, and file your tax returns. But have you ever wondered what was the difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant?

These are the advantages of a chartered accountant:

1. You will not be wasting your time

There are a lot of accountants out there, and finding the right one to take care of the accounts of your business might be difficult. You will be saving yourself some time and some trouble by searching for a chartered accountant from the start.

2. You will be sure you are not breaking the law

In fact, anyone can call themselves an accountant, even if they have no training or qualifications. An unregulated accountant might make repeated mistakes, or worse. You might unknowingly end up as an accomplice of false accounting fraud.

3. You will be working with someone with high professional standards

One advantage of chartered accountants is that they are highly qualified, and they are bound by professional standards. They have professional indemnity insurance, as well as all the policies and procedures required to ensure you will be receiving services of the highest quality.

4. You will be working with someone trustworthy

Chartered accountants are also bound by a code of ethics, and they will always put the interests of their clients first. By choosing a chartered accountant, you will be working with a trustworthy, reliable and discrete professional.

5. You will benefit from their expertise

Before they can qualify as a chartered accountant, an accountant needs experience in different industries. You will be able to benefit from the experience and the expertise of a chartered accountant with the right skills and knowledge to work in your industry.

6. You will receive accurate and reliable advice

An accountant can offer you advice on your finances, but this advice will only help you if it is accurate and reliable. A chartered accountant will be able to provide you with informed, up-to-date advice, so you will be sure the finances of your business will be in good hands.

7. You will have a partner to help you grow your business

Some people only need an accountant to file the tax returns of their business, while others want more. If you need help managing your business, or if you would like to develop it, to increase your profitability and to attract investors, a chartered accountant can help you.