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Delivery Time: 6 Helpful Tips to Choose a Business Courier


Many of us have used a courier service, especially in business, or if you’re an employee of a business. Finding the right courier means that they have to be reliable and at a good, competitive price.

Some may be cheaper, but that could also mean that they may be slower and unreliable. You need a good balance, especially if you ship both locally and abroad on a regular basis. Here are some tips to finding a good courier service for your business.

1. Time Frame

Assuming that your company has a time frame in mind, you’d want to have a package delivered within this time frame. If a courier company is unable to deliver within the time frame, then obviously, it won’t be suitable for your business.

2. Transparency

If a company maintains transparency in its operations and is fair with its business practices, then they should be considered. If you feel fairly convinced on this point, then you will feel safer and more confident that you won’t be cheated and that your packages will be safe and secure with them from the start right until it’s is delivered.

3. Customer Service

What is their customer service like? This is really important. Nobody likes to be treated with disrespect or feel like just a number. The company must make you feel special and be able to answer your concerns with respect and courtesy. This will lead to a long and successful partnership.

If possible, get some references and contact them for an unbiased opinion. Ask others if possible and do some research.

4. New Or Experienced?

It’s always better to go with a trusted company that has been around for years, so they have a lot of experience. This does not mean you should not hire a newer company. By all means, look at what a newer company can offer you and if they can do the job according to your specifications.

Can they deliver on time? Again, do a little research on them. However, unless you know for sure that a newer company is going to be worth it, in general, it’s better to go with the established name.

5. Detail-Oriented

When looking around, make sure to find a service who pay attention to little details. If they make slight mistakes and are not thorough in checking things, these mistakes could cost you in more ways than one. You could lose customers or have to deal with their wrath, even though it wasn’t your fault. Make sure a courier service listens and pays attention to the most minute detail.

6. Insurance

Check out their policy and make sure that your packages are covered by insurance. Adding insurance should be a simple process and it is worked into the shipping fee. This way, you will be reimbursed should there be any mishap.

Make sure to clarify everything and find out about any unforeseen delays or damages. Find out what the process is in the event of such occurrences. Get to know everything that is important to you as far as your business needs are concerned before you sign on the dotted line. This way, you won’t get any shocks or surprises later on.