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Get Rid of the Smoke: 5 Industries That Use Commercial Exhaust Fans


Air circulation is an important factor of modern life. It seems as if it is something that generally goes unnoticed for the most part, but it would certainly be missed if it were to disappear.

Of course, air circulation can be handled in a variety of ways, such as opening a window or door. One of the better ways, however, is to use a commercial exhaust fan. Where are these types of fans used, though? Below, you will find five places that you can find a commercial exhaust fan and why they are necessary.

1. Hospitals

It’s understandable how a hospital would require a pretty high level of clean, fresh air. It is, also, understandable to see how the air of a hospital would be a bit more dangerous than other places. As you can imagine, there are germs and bacteria ever present in a confined area meant to hold sick people, so the function of a pretty large, pretty effective exhaust fan is self explanatory. You will find excellent air systems that rely upon commercial exhaust fans in many hospitals across the world.

2. Restaurants

Most people have been there before. Despite your diligence and attention to the meal you are cooking, you looked away for a mere minute and now your fire alarm is screaming as smoke billows from your ruined meal. This happens to all cooks, especially those in the highly stressful restaurant industry. When a mistake like this happens, the last thing that a business wants to do is affect their customer’s meals, so a commercial exhaust fan may just be able to take care of the any cooking related issues that may rear their head. Plus, they can keep the air fresh and clean for those attempting to enjoy their meals.

3. Industrial Areas

The addition of commercial exhaust fans to industrial areas can be boiled down to issues of safety and efficiency. The exhaust fans can help combat the humidity in the area, which can both save products from damage and boost morale in employees a bit. They can also help rid the area of any noxious chemicals or gases, giving the employees a safe place to work. Naturally, with so much riding on them, you can imagine that the fans will need to be of high quality and not prone to breaking down or arduous repair.

4. Schools

Children should have the privilege of learning the best they can in the best possible venue. There are many ways to make the students happy and comfortable as possible, but a big asset to that goal is clean air. Nobody wants to sit in an old, stuffy classroom, suffocating while attempting to pay attention to the lecture. Plus, no teacher wants to have to keep their student’s attention when they themselves are as miserable as the students. Anyone who has attended school during a power outage can understand how quickly the air can become stale in large part to the lack of an exhaust fan.

5. Large Stores

In general, most stores bank on giving their customers the very best shopping experience possible. Nobody wants to shop in a humid, claustrophobic store, begging the need for a commercial exhaust fan or two. Plus, the exhaust fans help to keep whatever the products the store offers at an acceptable quality and prevents the loss of sales through ruined product.

To most people, the exhaust fans of a building are nonexistent for the most part. However, they are incredibly important for a number of reasons. Whether they be for health reasons, comfort, or even for efficiency, people would notice the lack of commercial exhaust fans.