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Hiring By the Numbers: 4 Rules of Working In Financial Recruitment


For a business owner, finding the right people for the team is essential. A company is only as strong as its weakest link and it can be challenging to identify the professional skills that are key to advancing a business at different stages of development.

That is why many have chosen to seek the help of a financial recruiting firm. Essentially, that means a team of tenured finance professionals who have the industry expertise and the local market knowledge to help determine who are the best people for the job.

1. Who are financial recruiters?

Finance recruiters are often accountants and other professionals with experience in the field. They have acquired first-hand knowledge through their work and have decided to mobilize this information to help other businesses grow and continue to be competitive in a fierce business market.

These firms consist of a variety of individuals that combine their knowledge to quickly identify quality accounting and finance candidates, even for hard-to-fill positions. This can save business owners a lot of time and money, not to mention the burden of doubt that often comes with hiring new staff.

Typically, the methodology is designed to allows a collaborative process between the financial recruitment team and the business owner. Although recruiters bring a degree of expertise to the table, owners still usually want to exercise some degree of oversight during every step of the hiring process. Recruiters are used to finding the right level of this involvement and want to keep their client informed while reducing their risk and increasing their reward.

2. Streamlining the process

They work on a case to case basis. Defining the needs of each individual business, they can effectively utilize members on their team best suited for analyzing a given situation. Used to working across the whole spectrum of positions available within a company, they are capable of identifying the most qualified candidate in permanent and part-time positions, from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

This experience extends across many industries, including: insurance, financial services, natural resources, banking, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, retails, manufacturing, IT, real estate, and others. Positions filled can include, but are not limited to: accounting manager, corporate accountant, controller, CFO/Vice President Finance, credits and collection, financial analysis and planning, regulations and reporting, payroll, taxation, treasury, mergers and acquisition, property accounting, project management, procurement, and more. The list goes on and on.

3. A fresh set of eyes

A business owner clearly knows their company better than anyone else, but sometimes a fresh perspective can work wonders when trying to find the right person to fill a position. Financial recruitment service always begins with the crucial step of getting to know the culture and needs of the company they are servicing. Having an objective perspective on things can allow them to quickly narrow down the most important skills and qualifications the ideal candidate must have.

Following this, a process which can take weeks, or even month, without professional help, they are then about to focus more on evaluating the soft skills of those selected.

4. Guaranteed placement

Most financial recruiters are so confident about their ability to find the right person for the job, that they offer a 100 per cent guarantee. This means that if the first candidate selected is found to be unsatisfactory, another placement will be found at no additional cost.

The full service structure of how they operated means that they also provide services that foster healthy growth and relationships within a company. These can include pricing and administration arrangements, employee training services, succession planning, industry and salary information, and more. It a field that is continually growing and developing, finding new ways to service companies and connect employers with the candidates they need.