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Preserve Our Lakes: 8 Common Causes of Water Pollution


Industrial activities are an important cause of water pollution. Fortunately, industries can use the services of a liquid waste disposal company to ensure their waste will not pollute our water.

Here are 8 more causes of water pollution that we have to keep an eye on if we want to help preserve our environment.

1. Mining activities

Just like industrial activities, mining activities produce high amounts of harmful liquid waste that inevitably ends up polluting our water. At least, the liquid waste produced by mining activities can be processed and turned into solid waste with the help of a liquid waste disposal company. This solid waste is easier to dispose of without harming the environment.

2. Oil spills

Oil spills are terrible accidents that can be deadly for marine life. When a large quantity of oil leaks into the sea, it will kill fish and other sea creatures, and it might also kill birds. This is why it’s important to do everything we can to prevent accidental oil spills.

3. Marine dumping

Marine dumping is when garbage is dumped directly into the sea. Unfortunately, this practice is quite common in countries where there is no other way to manage waste. Garbage can sometimes take more than 200 years to decompose, polluting water and harming animals.

4. Sewage and waste water

Even when waste water is chemically treated, it can still contain some harmful bacteria. When this treated waste water reaches the sea, it becomes another source of water pollution. Simply thinking of all the different dangerous diseases floating in the sewers underneath your city should be enough to make you shiver!

5. Fertilizers and pesticides

Farmers often use chemical fertilizers and pesticides to protect their crops. These chemicals have their purpose, but each time it rains, the rainwater carries them into our rivers and lakes. Fertilizers and pesticides become another source of water pollution that can be harmful for humans and animals.

6. Landfills

You might think that the garbage we dump in landfills stays in landfills, but that’s not exactly true. Once again, rainwater can carry a lot of chemicals and contaminants from the landfill to the river, and from the river to the city’s water supply. This is why trying to properly recycle items that contain chemicals and contaminants is so important.

7. Animal waste

Animals produce waste too. They have no toilets and no sewers, but their waste eventually ends up in our rivers, in our lakes, and in the sea, where it can be mixed with human waste and chemicals to create dangerous diseases such as diarrhea, cholera and dysentery.

8. Global warming

Yes, global warming is another important cause of water pollution. Global warming increases the sea’s temperature, which eventually kills large quantities of marine animals, which pollutes the sea even more. Many human activities are causing global warming, and each of us must try to do our part to make things better and to preserve our water and our planet.