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Protection From Theft: 5 Types of Business Security Systems


You have worked hard to build and maintain your business. You have insurance in case something goes wrong, but why not invest in a little prevention as well?

A business security system can give your property extra protection against theft or intruders who want to damage or steal your property. Business security systems can also control access to your premises and give you warnings you of any imminent threats.

1. Extra Security

Business security systems can help protect your commercial property and buildings in many different ways, including basic security and fire alarm systems. They can also help control and monitor access to your property and premises. Business security systems can be manual or electronic depending on the nature of your business and your hours of operation and they can be used to limit anyone from entering your premises unless they have permission or an access card.

2. Protection for Organizations

Many commercial enterprises also use business security systems for perimeter security. This allows them to monitor a wide range of their exterior property through a closed-circuit camera system. You can even install an electronic gate at various points of access that can only be opened with an access card.

3. Basic Security Systems

You have a number of options to choose from when it comes to business security systems including which type of monitoring you want to use. That is how business security systems communicate with its monitoring centre. You can have a choice of landline, cellular or broadband. In addition, you can choose whether to have the system professionally installed or if you want to do it yourself. Most companies pay for the professional installation of their business security system and some security companies will only service what install. The advantage of a DIY system is that many are wireless and can be installed in half an hour, and you will own the equipment.

4. Fire Alarm Systems

You have to have a fire alarm system for business premises. The basic fire alarm systems consist of a number of devices that work together in order to detect the presence of smoke, fire, and harmful gases. They also call the fire department and other emergency services if problems arise. Most fire alarm systems will use a combination of smoke or heat detectors that ring bells or make loud noises to alert and wake anyone in the area to the danger. Fire alarm systems come in two basic types: manual and automatic.

Manual systems require someone to push a button or pull a handle and are most common in apartment buildings and public properties. Automatic systems use sensing devices like smoke detectors to identify a problem and sound the alarm. All fire alarm systems will activate sprinkler systems and notify the fire and other emergency officials.

5. Video Surveillance

Many business security systems today feature video surveillance and closed-circuit cameras to monitor their premises and property around the clock. At one time, these cameras were grainy and fuzzy but the new technology allows the systems today to feature sophisticated and highly technical cameras to help you monitor and protect your property.

Now you can have full-color, full-motion and high-resolution video images from your video surveillance. They provide clear photos as clear at night as throughout daytime hours and as good from outside the building as inside the premises. The cameras can provide wide-angle views to capture the entire scene and specialized shots to focus on entry and access points or to patrol the perimeter of the property. They are able to withstand any type of wind and weather and can give you panoramic coverage, even without separate outdoor lighting.