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Top 5 Employment Laws


Whether it is your first job or maybe you’re looking for employment, it’s important to understand that you are protected as an employee. To find out more, get in touch with your employment lawyer and become aware and familiar with the various employment laws that have been enacted to protect you as an employee as well as your colleagues.

1. Fair labor Standards

This law was enacted back in 1938. This law was created to tackle the issue of the poor working environment present in American factories. Since this law was enacted, it has been amended multiple times, and it currently works to limit the number of hours an employee can work in a week, the requirements for overtime, the labor regulations that protect children from child labor and headed to establish the minimum wage for the United States of America.

2. Medical and Family Leave

This law was enacted back in 1993. This law makes sure every employee receives up to 12 weeks leave while at the same giving you health care coverage for specific medical conditions and ensures the employee’s job protection. Some of the medical reasons include personal medical conditions, enough time to bond with a newborn child, a pregnancy, any immediate member of the family being affected by any serious medical issue. However, you should be aware this act will not cover all kinds of employees, so it’s important to make sure that you are aware and clear about eligibility. If you need any further information, get in touch with your employment lawyer.

3. Health Insurance Accountability and Portability

The HIPPA was introduced back in 1996 and has grown really quickly since then. Every employee should know that these acts were created to protect them and their colleagues from being let go by their employer on the grounds of any medical history and any discrimination on the basis of any medical records.
If you need any further information, get in touch with your employment lawyer.

4. The Occupational Health and Safety

The OSHA was enacted way back in 1970, and it introduced the safety standards for employees. This law greatly reduced the number of accidents that occurred in the workplace all across the United States of America. The employers are supposed to meet the required safety standards and offer safety training and practices that will assist in increasing the safety of employees. If, by accident, an employee gets injured in the workplace, or maybe you’re worried that your boss is not following the standard safety regulations, comprehending the OSHA standards is important.

5. Civil Rights Act

This particular law was enacted way back in 1964. This law made it illegal to practice segregation, and it also abolished the discrimination of people based on race, religion or gender. This law acts as the starting point for other laws that abolish discrimination and lead to the creation of a commission for equal employment opportunities. You may find more information at Levitt LLP if you need additional resources.