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5 Types of Events to Showcase Your Business Mascot


All businesses should consider using a mascot. A custom mascot offers companies a personable solution to their branding troubles. Unlike other forms of marketing, a carefully created mascot has the ability to promote your brand and draw in new clients. Continue reading below to see the best events that a company can use a mascot at today.

1. Festivals

One of the main locations that you can use a company mascot is at local festivals or events. This is a great opportunity for you to let your brand be known. That’s because, a mascot will likely stand out from the crowd. The mascot will provide your company with an eye catching and attractive method to raise brand awareness. Unlike other types of advertising (such as signs, or pamphlets) a mascot is a memorable character that the public will want to approach.

While the mascot is at these events, they will be able to pose for photos and videos with the crowd. In turn, increasing your brands reach when it is posted to social media. However, this reach would not be possible with other forms of marketing.

2. Street Advertising

Just like festivals, a mascot on the street is more likely to grab the public’s attention than other forms of marketing. For this reason, a mascot is an ideal way to promote your brand on the street. This can be done by having the mascot stand outside of your company, and hand out flyers, promotional material, or information about the services you offer.

Having a mascot do this will likely increase the chances that people will stop and inquire into the brand as opposed to other methods. In turn, increasing you reach and potential client base by simply using the figure.

3. Company Parties

A mascot it a great way to promote a cohesive brand for your employee’s. For this reason, a company mascot is ideal to have at company gatherings or parties. Having a mascot is a fun and personable way to help boost morale amongst your workers.

Plus, it works to add an element of fun to the brand. In turn, increasing the likelihood that your employees enjoy themselves while at the function by creating a sense of excitement amongst the team members. But, this may be difficult to achieve when using other methods such as videos, presentations or spokes people as they may not translate as well.

4. Announcements

When your company has an exciting announcement to make, it is best to be done by the mascot. That’s because, the mascot will promote energy and excitement while they are presenting the announcement to a crowd. Plus, a mascot is a figure that can be translated across multiple platforms. For example: a mascot can seamlessly be applied to videos, flyers, newsletters and more.

This transition can be difficult when it comes to spokes persons or other announcers that may not translate well across the mediums. Rather, the mascot will provide companies with an engaging announcer that will grab the audience’s attention.

5. Parades

Another common event that company mascots are ideal for are parades. Parades are a great way for companies to increase their brand awareness and reach. But, this can be difficult to do if they do not find a way to stand out amongst the crowd. For this reason, a company should consider using a mascot to let their brand be known. That’s because, a mascot is an eye catching and engaging tactic that can draw in new customers, while reminding previous ones of your products.