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7 Guidelines to Buy a Quality Leather Briefcase


Just like everyone else in the world, you have probably heard that old refrain of “quality over quantity.” While it is true in many things, it is true when it comes to finding your first high-quality briefcase, especially if it’s your first one. Whether you are starting a new job or just want a leather briefcase, here are some ways to help you purchase the best quality briefcase:

1. The Quality of the Leather

Always look for a leather briefcase that is made of high-quality leather. The reason for this is that quality leather improves as it gets older. The briefcase you choose should look just as good years from now, as it did the day you bought it. Your highest-quality leather is going to come from Italy, America, France or England. Never settle for fake leather, as it will fade quickly, and you will find yourself having to purchase a new briefcase within a few months.

2. The Construction of the Materials Used

While you want to watch the quality of the leather in the briefcase you buy, you also want to make sure the materials used to make that same briefcase are quality as well. The handle, locks, zippers, buckles, metallic rings, and shoulder strap fittings should be durable and well made. These items are what take the most abuse every day when you are using your briefcase and wear out the fastest.

3. Choosing Attaché, Hard-Sided or Soft-Sided Briefcases

Deciding which briefcase you want is a little more than looking at the quality of the leather and the materials used. It also involves figuring out what type of briefcase you need to suit your walk of life. There are basically three types of briefcases: attaché briefcases, soft-sided briefcases, and hard-sided briefcases. If you are an attorney or an accountant, then an attaché case will be perfect for you for instance. If you travel for work all the time, then a rolling briefcase would do the trick for you. The choice of hard or soft-sided briefcases is entirely up to you.

4. Durability

No matter how good the quality of leather is, or the construction of the materials used, if the briefcase isn’t durable, then the briefcase isn’t going to last. Testing for durability is easy. Check out the hinges, stitching, the handles, and the edges of the case. Metal zippers are much sturdier than plastic zippers are and should slide easily, without getting stuck.

5. The Number of Compartments

While most hard-sided and soft-sided briefcases look sleek and elegant, you want yours to look sleek, yet be roomy on the inside. While the briefcase is compact, it should have the compartments you need to store everything when you leave the house in the mornings. From your laptop to your pens and papers, the briefcase you choose should be able to hold it all in neat, organized compartments.

6. Choose a Colour

There are three common colours for leather briefcases. These are black, tan, and brown. The choice of which colour you purchases is entirely up to you. However, darker colours work better for professional environments, because they look professional. The lighter colours work better for a casual work environment, where things aren’t as strict and buttoned up.

7. The Cost

If you want a top-quality leather briefcase, then you should expect to pay top dollar. An inexpensive case may cost you less upfront, but that case is not going to last you years, like a higher quality case will. While you want to find the best deal for the money you spent, never sacrifice the quality of the case, just to save a few dollars. You will regret it in the long run, if you do.