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Famous Bears: 6 Famous Bear Mascots in Pop Culture


When it comes to the world of sports if your team doesn’t have a mascot then something just isn’t right. Mascots can help elevate the crowd and get them engaged. This can be great for families, especially of the game isn’t going your way.

If your team is winning, then this is when the mascot can really shine. Today, we’re going list some famous bear mascots, and how they energize the fans and the players to ensure they all bring their A game.

Here are the six most famous bear mascots in pop culture:

1. Jazz Bear – Mascot of Utah Jazz

This is the famous bear mascot for Utah Jazz. This team plays in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jazz Bear has been the mascot for Utah for over 25 years. In that time he has become an essential part of the Utah Jazz basketball experience.

For those who are unaware, there is such a thing as the Mascot Hall of fame. Jazz Bear was proud to be inducted into in the early 2000’s. Like most mascots, Jazz Bear has suffered injuries on the job. This includes a torn bicep and tendon injuries. Make no mistake, being a mascot is a demanding job.


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2. Broxi Bear – Mascot of Rangers Football Club

Jumping across the pond now, Broxi Bear is the official mascot of Rangers Football Club. This soccer team has a huge, almost fanatical following. The name “Broxi” comes from Ibrox, which is the area of Glasgow that the stadium is located. Broxi Bear has been the mascot at Rangers for over 20 years and in that time has married and had kids!

That’s right. Broxi bear has a wife called Roxi and a son can Boris. This means that the club now has 3 mascots at every game. This allows for even more interaction with the crowd and more merchandising opportunities. It is also fun for boys and girls as they now both have a famous bear mascot to call their own.


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3. T. C. Bear – Mascot of the Minnesota Twins

The baseball team the Minnesota Twins have a very famous bear mascot. T.C. Bear has been around since the year 2000. As with many mascots, the choice of mascot is a call back to a bygone era of the club. In this instance, the bear is made in the image of the Hamm’s Beer Bear. Hamm’s beer was one of the original sponsors of the Twins. The

T.C. stands for Twin Cities. The team’s logo shows two men, one in a Minneapolis Millers uniform and one in a St. Paul Saints uniform, shaking hands across the Mississippi River.


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4. Clark the Cub – Mascot of the Chicago Cubs

The beloved and famous bear mascot of the Major League Baseball team, the Chicago Cubs is relatively new. Only announced in 2014, this famous bear has been quickly adopted by the fans as a big part of the Cubs game day experience. As with many new mascot introductions, Clark has helped to attract a younger crowd to the game and make the experience for families much more enjoyable. This is all part of the goal when a new mascot is brought in. Children love to see their team’s mascot entertain and perform.


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5. Carlton Bear – Mascot of Toronto Maple Leafs

When it comes to famous bears, Carlton is one of the most well-loved in their home city. Passionate Toronto Maple Leafs fans first met Carlton the bear in October 1995. The bear is named after the address of the original home of the team, Maple Leaf Gardens on 60 Carlton Street. Loved by fans and celebrated through merchandising, Carlton is at the very centre of the Leafs’ fandom. He can be found wandering the halls of the Scotiabank Arena before each game more than happy to take photos with fans.


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6. Clutch the Rockets Bear – Mascot of Houston Texas

Houston Texas has acquired many nicknames over the years, some of them more hurtful than others. After blowing a 20 point lead in the 1993-94 postseason the city was called “Choke City”. They were able to turn this around after winning the NBA championship that very year. They wittily took the moniker Choke City, and flipped it into Clutch City. The name stuck and from there it was only a hop skip and a jump to decide that the name for their mascot should be Clutch Bear.

Clutch The Rocket Bear is one of the most recognized bear mascots in the sporting world. His many accolades include being inducted into the mascot hall of fame in 2006, and becoming the mascot of the year twice.

Clutch is also internet famous after helping to console a man who had a marriage proposal refused. Upon being shot down, Clutch walked the young man out providing him with a beer he took out of the hands of another fan. Staged or not, these interactions with the crowd are all part of the fun of attending a live sporting event.


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