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10 Deadliest Premier League Assassins


After endless sleepless nights I have finally  been able come up with this list. Here are the top 10 strikers EVER to grace the English game and Yes neither Aguero nor Suarez are a part of it.

10. Robbie Fowler

photo via Gustavo Marques

Nicknamed “GOD” by the KOP. Neither the fastest nor the most skillful, it was sheer instinct that made Fowler deadly.

9. Ian Wright

via Brian

Definitely a late bloomer by today’s standards but Ian Wright certainly made up for the lost time, He scored 90 league goals for Crystal Palace prompting the all mighty Gunners to chalk out a club record £2.5m in 1991.

8. Michael Owen

via Jaine Owen

Sam Allardyce once quoted “Stop Michael Owen scoring and you are 50 per cent towards getting a result at Anfield,” that was the reputation that Owen had when he was just 22. The first English recipient of the Ballon d’Or(2001) since Kevin Keegan was given the honor in 1979.

7. Didier Drogba

via kimjihihi

Built as Tank albeit with a nimble foot. Drogba was indeed the man for the Big Occasions

6. Andy Cole

via mrhao

“Cole The Goal” was amongst the most popular phrases in English Football throughout the 90’s. The man was a machine, a physical specimen second to none.

5. Wayne Rooney

via maaanutdfc

Despite being the most scrutinized, one must not forget he is still England’s record goal scorer. RESPECT.

4. Dennis Bergkamp

via blue chez

Arguably the greatest player to represent Arsenal . The Gunners parted with 3 times their previous club record even then it might be termed as a bargain.

3. Eric Cantona

via momekh

“King Eric” as he is known amongst the Man Utd faithful had an elegance second to none.

2. Alan Shearer

via Newcastle United on Cigarette & Trade Cards

The highest scorer in English Football . When Shearer hit the ball it stayed hit.

1. Thierry Henry

via Who’s The Bet ?

Some of the goals he scored were simply Art. Voted the best player in Arsenal History. Henry had it all. He was simply the best.


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