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10 Interesting Motorcycle Events Around the World


The motorcycle offers a variety of experiences, both on and off of the seat. Some enjoy cruising down the road at a relaxing glide. Others enjoy the adrenaline pounding rush of a race. With the excitement of watching and cheering on a rider from the sidelines, there are many international motorcycle events to enjoy the action first-hand.

The world has organized many biking events and rallies that everyone can enjoy, whether they be a rider or a watcher. Here is a list of 10 interesting motorcycle events around the world:

1. Bikes, Blues, and BBQ (USA)

Event Date: September 25th – September 28th, 2019

Bikes Blues and BBQ - USA Motorcycle Event
Picture from Bikes Blues and BBQ Facebook page.

As the name suggests, this popular motorcycle event will offer lots of bikes, soulful music, and some delicious barbecue. What could make this better? Well, the true nature of the event is a charitable one.

Raising over $2 million dollars over the 19 years it has ran, the Arkansan motorcycle event has helped many local charities. All of this while offering a good, memorable time for all of those involved.

Event Information: https://bikesbluesandbbq.org/

2. Dirt Quake (England)

Event Date: September 25th – September 28th, 2019

Dirt Quake - England Motorcycle Event
Picture from Dirt Quake Facebook page.

Starting in Norfolk, United Kingdom in 2012, this internationally acclaimed motorcycle event became so popular that it led to sister events in the United States. The event is also known as Dirt Quake, and in Australia, known as Dirt Hustle.

Essentially, it’s just an enjoyable, relatively carefree event wherein many people bring a variety of bikes and costumes in order to race around a dirt oval track. It’s a bit silly, it’s very fun, and it’s a good way to just kick back and enjoy the simpler moments in life.

Event Information: http://dirtquake.com/

3. Daytona Bike Week (USA)

Event Date: March 8 – March 17, 2019

Daytona Bike Week - USA Motorcycle Event
Picture from Daytona Bike Week Facebook page

The Daytona Bike Week is one of the motorcycle events held in United States. There are far worse places to stay for a week than Daytona, Florida. Toss in a week long motorcycle event and you’ve got yourself a nice little slice of the good life.

Aside from being able to race along a specifically designated part of Daytona Beach, the event also offers live concerts for free, a nearby water park complete with go-kart racing, and many more attractions that will please every member of your group, even if they aren’t the biggest fans of motorcycles.

Event Information: https://officialbikeweek.com/

4. Boarded Grasstrack (England)

Event Date: Summer 2019

Boarded Grasstrack - England Motorcycle Event
Picture from Boarded Grasstrack Facebook page

You may have to travel to the United Kingdom to experience this exciting motorcycle event, Cornwall to be exact. Centered around a sheep paddock, this grass track offers a thrilling day of racing that’s a bit closer to the action than some people may appreciate.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t still loads of people itching to get a little feeling of racing wind on their face, of course, as evidenced by the popularity of this event.

Event Information: https://grasstrackgb.co.uk/

5. Enduropale Le Touquet (France)

Event Date: February 1 – 3, 2019

Enduropale du Touquet - France motorcycle event
Facebook from Enduropale du Touquet Facebook page

On the topic of bike racing on beaches, the Enduropale Le Touquet of France boasts one of, if not the, biggest beach bike races in the world. Not only that, but it’s very nearly one of the biggest motorcycle events in the world. That alone makes this an event worth having on your radar.

Event Information: http://www.enduropaledutouquet.fr/

6. The Brass Monkey (New Zealand)

Event Date: June 2019

The Brass Monkey - New Zealand Motorcycle Event
Picture from The Brass Monkey Facebook page

Perhaps those hot, sun beaten beaches of the previous two entries aren’t exactly your thing, though. The Brass Monkey event of New Zealand offers a very cold change, as it is located at one of the coldest places in Oceania.

Held annually during the first weekend of June, event goers will be able to look forward to cold, exciting racing all tied together with a massive bonfire to keep attendees warm. Book your tickets in advance, strap on your favourite motorcycle gear, and enjoy a motorcycle event to remember.

Event Information: http://www.brassmonkeyrally.org.nz/

7. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (USA)

Event Date: August 2 – August 11, 2019

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - USA Motorcycle Event
Picture from Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Facebook page

A legendary haven for bikers of all walks of life, Sturgis is a great way to fully immerse yourself in biker culture. Live music, great food, and good times await any riders cruising into the black hills of South Dakota in time for this massive rally.

Event Information: http://sturgismotorcyclerally.com/

8. 300 Curves of Gustav Havel (Czech Republic)

Event Date: Summer 2019

300 Curves of Gustav Havel - Czech Republic motorcycle event
Picture from 300 Curves of Gustav Havel website

This Czechian event offers what is typically desired from a motorcycle event, relaxed spectating, fierce racing, lovely weather, and a spectacular setting for a race. Spectators will have a chance to even tour the surrounding regions at the end of the event, should they want to.

Event Information: http://www.amkhorice.cz/en/races/300-curves/

9. The Snowy Ride (Australia)

Event Date: November 2, 2019

The Snowy Ride - Australia motorcycle event
Picture from The Snowy Ride Facebook page

Found in New South Wales, Australia, this November event is all about charity and biking. Alongside the racing, the event raises money for advancements in childhood cancer research.

Having a great time while also helping the world out is further accented by an annual raffle for participants to possibly win Honda bikes. All in all, it’s a pretty great way to spend some free time.

Event Information: https://stevenwalterfoundation.org.au/campaigns-events/the-snowy-ride/

10. Thundersprint (Defunct)

Event Date: No longer operational since 2016

This historic motorcycle event was held in the country of England. Based in Northwich, Chesire, the spectacular performances at Thundersport were essential watching for any motor sport lover. One of the main attractions of this motorcycle rally was the Anglesey Circuit, otherwise known as one of the best race tracks in the world.

Add to that the draw of some of the biggest names in motor sports today, and you had have the perfect ingredient for an event that draws large crowds from many walks of life. As far as good times go, many motorsport lovers still remember the festivities that occurred at Thundersprint.