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10 Mind-blowing Photos of Places Where Land Meets Water


“This is Paradise on Earth” is what you shall utter once you see these majestic natural beauties.

10. Playa del Amor, Marietas Islands, Mexico

via Source: Rizwanul Haque

Also known as the hidden beach, only 6 visitors are allowed at a time. “EXCLUSIVE Indeed”.

9. Cathedrals Beach, Ribadeo, Spain

domingo leiva

The wave carved rock arches are almost a hundred foot tall. But beware of its beauty as it becomes perilious once the sun sets.

8. One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Stephen Cruise

Ever wondered where the hit TV show Survivor was shot ? Yes you guessed it right it was right here.

7. Sunset Beach, Brunswick Islands, 
North Carolina


A mile from the west end there is a mailbox which was planted by a gentlemen called Frank Nesmith in the ’70s. Indeed Surreal.

6. Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem Island, Cambodia

Marko Radulovic

Watch life slow down as soon as you step foot on the Lazy Beach. Sit back and RELAXX…

5. Dune du Pyla, France

Source: Lucky Trips

This beach is a giant on its own. Its comfortably Europe’s tallest Dunne at a height of over 100m. Astonishing indeed.

4. Glass Beach, California

Source: Images by John ‘K’

Despite being made from innumerable shattered and half shattered glass which sounds quite diabolical, The result is quite serene.

3. Cayman Islands

Source: ejg1890

The Charm and beauty of the Grand Cayman Islands is incomparable. It is the perfect getaway for adrenaline junkies and and honeymooners alike.

2. Bora Bora

Source: Max Lecointe

The Bora Bora Islands is filled with Exotic beaches and has a dormant volcano at its epicenter. The world renowned author James Michener called it “the most beautiful island in the world.”

1. Baia do Sancho

via Source: Via Total

As you stroll through, you can’t envision what anticipates you. The radiant view appears so beautiful, You ought to pinch yourself to confirm it isn’t a fantasy.