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10 Most Romantic Flowers for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day


The clock is ticking and you have to buy your loved one some flowers. You really don’t want to screw this up. What do you do? Get on the Internet and search for the most romantic flowers for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day! You’re here to learn about the most romantic flowers, so let’s get to it.

Let me start by saying: I am thrilled that you have come looking for these answers. Buying flowers for a loved one can be a tricky business. This is especially true around Valentine’s Day. Let’s take a look at the most romantic flowers for your girlfriend:

1. Lilac Flowers

Lilacs are romantic flowers that your girlfriend will surely appreciate. These flowers are generally violet in colour. The deep colour signifies the pangs of love that you feel for your partner. If you are in a new relationship or an old one, you can show them how deeply and passionately you feel for them.

Just remember that line about deep pangs of love. It’s a really good one. You should never be shy to be expressive as you give flowers to the person you love. Trying to be nonchalant and too cool for school can kill the mood.

2. Red roses

Red roses are known for being the most romantic flowers for girlfriends and wives everywhere. I would have put this first, but that would have been too obvious. Besides, I wanted you to read at least past the first flower before saying to yourself “I knew it!” and buying a dozen red roses.

Roses are the most romantic flowers, and also the best flowers for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. However, you want to make sure that you show a little bit of thought into your flower selection, so don’t always go for the easy obvious choice for flowers. At the same time, you know your lover best. If they want red roses, then you get them some red roses!

3. The Stargazer Lily

Now we’re getting fancy with the lesser known romantic flowers. These have a lovely bright colour that hints at the prospect of spring just around the corner. They signify wealth and prosperity. I love the way these flowers look. So full of life and promise for the future.

4. Blue Iris

There is something special about a romantic flower that has such a powerful regal blur colour. The blue iris also benefits by being steeped in deeper meaning. This sophisticated looking flower is a symbol of hope and faith. Another added meaning is that Iris is the name of the Greek goddess of love.

5. Orchids

Orchids are one of the most romantic flowers that can convey the depth of your love to your lover. How does a flower do this you ask? Well, orchids are one of the rarest flowers out there.

If there is one thing that translates to all languages, including the language of love, is that the rarer something is, the more special.

6. Chrysanthemum

The Victorians had a fascination with giving flowers different meanings. The chrysanthemum did not escape this. According to the Victorian language of flowers, Chrysanthemums are considered as the flowers of friendship.

Not only are these romantic flowers perfect for your girlfriend, but your lover also needs to be your best friend if you want the relationship to last. If you want to show your lover some pure love on this Valentine’s Day, then be sure to get them this gorgeous flower.

7. Gardenia

This romantic flower also has a message for your partner. The gardenia is meant to tell your lady, how lovely they are. You want to make it clear that you consider them to be the source of all of your joy and happiness.

Remember, it’s all in the presentation. When you give these romantic flowers to your girlfriend, do it sincerely with lots of eye contact and purpose.

8. Daffodils

Freshly plucked daffodils symbolize new beginnings. If you are trying to tell your partner that you are on the verge of something great, then this is the flower for you. I am a big fan of arrangements that have daffodils in them.

9. Sunflowers

You might not associate these with love, but I think they are the perfect romantic flower for girlfriends. They’re so vibrant and welcoming! I think they really are the happiest flower. Sunflowers are cheerful and uplifting. You can’t go wrong with something so timeless as the sunflower.

10. Her favourite flower

That’s right! Whatever each flower is supposed to mean, you should have been paying attention when your lover told you what their favourite flower is. This will tell them that you care about them more than anything else.

Not sure what their favourite flower is? Feel free to ask a friend or family member of theirs. You can’t go wrong with a bit of detective work to make sure you make this Valentine’s day one to remember.

Finally, there should always be a note on the flowers. You should write a short and sweet message so that they know that they are loved and appreciated. This small gesture is about more than the gift of flowers. You are acknowledging the fact that they are the best part of your day and that you love them dearly.