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4 Safety Tips When You’re Riding a Limo


To make the event even more memorable, you decide to rent a limousine for your prom, wedding, or other special occasion. You do some research, find a limo company that can provide service that fits your budget, and you start to make your guest list. While limos can make an event exciting and enjoyable, you and your guests need to make sure steps are taken so the evening does not end in tragedy.

Following these limo safety tips will give you and everyone present the best chance of being safe while riding in a limousine and still allow you to have a great, fun-filled night.

1. Confirm your limo driver is licenced

Before hiring a limo company, confirm that the driver who will be escorting you for the night is licenced to drive a limousine. The driver should have a chauffeur’s licence that demonstrates that he or she is qualified to provide transportation to passengers. To receive a limousine driver’s licence in most municipalities in Ontario, the driver must be able to speak and understand the native language, have clean criminal and driving records, a medical report confirming a clean bill of health, and must have completed a defensive driving course.

These prerequisites will ensure that the driver is of good character and capable of transporting you and your guests safely. Ask to see the driver’s limousine licence before you hire the company. The driver will have no issue presenting the licence to you and if it does pose a problem, move on to another company.

2. Wear your seatbelts

It is true that limousines are not like regular vehicles. They sometimes have extra amenities in them and there is lots of room to get comfortable and move around. This however does not negate the fact that traffic laws still need to be followed. Before leaving for your destination, make sure you can easily locate the safety belts and ask for assistance from the driver if you are unable to.

Make sure you and every guest wears their seatbelt. If someone does need to move for whatever reason, make sure a reasonable time is chosen to do so such as at a stop light where the move can be done quickly. While limousine accidents are rare due to the level of experience the driver has, they do happen and wearing a seatbelt reduces crash-related injuries and deaths by approximately half.

3. Keep noise down

While a limousine driver is probably used to excessive noise, it is nonetheless distracting if he or she is trying to drive and guests are being loud and boisterous. It is expected that limousine passengers are excited and want to have a good time, but people can still have fun while keeping noise at an acceptable level.

The limo driver may be dealing with heavy traffic or unfavourable weather conditions while trying to get you safely to your destination. Therefore it would be best not to get the attention of the driver unless absolutely necessary.

4. Know where safety equipment is located

No matter how cool your limousine is, safety always comes first. The safety equipment in a limousine could mean the different between life and death in an emergency. Before beginning the trek to your destination, chances are your limousine driver will review the rules and procedures in case of an emergency. This can include steps to take in case of a car accident and the locations of equipment such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and hammers used to escape the vehicle in emergencies.

It may not be top priority for you as you focus on the fun night ahead but paying attention to what the driver says and being mindful of this equipment’s location could very well save your life.


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