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5 Best Policies to Successfully Immigrate to Canada


Immigration has been the cornerstone of Western civilization for decades. People from all over the world, looking to enrich their lives, travel from far corners of the planet to move to countries like Canada, Great Britain and the United States. And it isn’t going to end anytime soon.

It is true that Ottawa has opened its doors to individuals and families worldwide for the last 40 years, but the federal government doesn’t make it easy to saunter into the country.

Simply put: to become a permanent resident or a citizen is a long, arduous process.

This is why it is essential for immigrants to plan well in advance. They must be prepared for anything that comes their way, whether it is a delayed application or a change in policy. There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you’re applying to relocate to Saskatchewan or Nova Scotia.

Here are five immigration tips every attorney will give you:

1. Keep Records & Documents of Everything

Immigration is all about paperwork. There will be duplicates and triplicates of the same form, and you will need to have these forms signed by three different parties, and then you will need another copy, and then it will need to match another form from another department.

Suffice to say, bureaucracy is what employs many people in the immigration agency.

Moving forward, it is of the utmost importance to keep records and documents of everything you do, everything from forms to communications, from documents to copies.

2. Be Ready for Delays & Postponements

Immigration can be a slow process – in fact, it likely will be a slow process. This is why you need to be prepared for the delays and postponements. The average immigration case can take a minimum of three years, and it could be even longer. You need to prepare yourself for this.

3. Choose the Best Immigration Lawyer for Your Needs

One way to ensure that you get a fair shake at immigrating to Canada, or elsewhere, is to be represented by an immigration lawyer.

You may think that you need to spend thousands of dollars on obtaining the best immigration lawyer in the world. Not so. You just need an honest, competent and experienced lawyer.

Do your research, do not believe any grandiose promises and get everything in writing.

4. Always Arrive on Time to Every Appointment

Are you meeting with immigration officials soon? Great! Just remember one thing: always arrive to your appointments on time. If you’re late then you could miss your appointment, which would then be rescheduled for a month or two from now – this is time wasted.

If your appointment is at noon then be sure to leave your home three hours beforehand. Anything could happen – bad weather, a traffic accident or a subway shutdown – but no force of nature or act of God should stop your appointment from happening.

5. Remain Honest at All Times

The worst thing you could ever do during the application process is to tell a fib.

Whether you’re having a sit-down meeting with an immigration official or you’re filling out a form, you must remain honest at all times. Even if you think you’re helping your case by stretching the truth or telling a flat out lie, you will only do harm to your case, either right away or sometime down the line.

Embrace the George Washington mantra of: “I cannot tell a lie.”

Honesty is indeed the best policy…on all matters in life.