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5 Delicious Fruits Which You Haven’t Seen Before!


Are you a fruit lover? So am I! There are some fruits which exist in the world that you might not have seen, let alone taste.

Presenting 5 of the most tastiest undiscovered fruits:

White Straberry

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The summer berries or pine berry or as famously called albino berry which is a different version of widely eaten strawberries. They are white in color with red seed all over the body. It was grown as a hybrid between two strawberry species. They are rare to find, but if you can lay your hands on any, expect them to taste like pineapple.

Hala Fruit

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This bright cored fruit is made up of multiple wedges like structures. This fruit is widely found in Indonesia, Australia and the tropical region of the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. It’s a fibrous fruit and can be consumed both cooked and raw. The fibrous nature if the fruits act as natural floss.

Monkey Fruit

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This soft fruit is a delicacy in itself. It is extensively found in the Indian subcontinent and tastes sweet and sour with a tangy feeling. It’s said to consist of medicinal values. If you ever spot one in the local vegetable market, never miss to taste one.

Bengal Currant

This crimson red cherry like fruit tastes very sour when it is unripe. As it ripens the color changes to deep purple with tinge of black. These are extensively used for making various kind of pickles on the unripe stage. When the ripens, they are used to make jams. They have a distinct taste to them, and hang in bunches.

Star Fruit

Carambola is a tropical fruit. As you slice them up, they become perfect star shapes, which is a treat to the eyes itself. It has soft flesh and a waxy cover. They are rich in vitamins and irons. Tastes range from sour to tangy. One can use them in salads or add them in dishes.


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