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5 Essential Packaging Supplies for Moving Homes


It may seem like everyone is divided in today’s climate, but there is one thing that brings everybody back together: their hatred of moving. It is one of the worst things in the world.Everything from locating the right packaging supplies to finding the right moving company, there are so many aspects of moving that makes the entire endeavour completely overwhelming.

When it comes to the packaging supplies, what exactly do you need? How do you pack your books, clothing and fine china? Where do you get these packaging supplies in the first place? These are all important questions to ask and to answer before you start your big move.Soon after you hand in your 60-day notice to your landlord or putting up a for sale sign on your front lawn, you need to initiate your moving process. We wish you the best of luck.

Here are five packaging supplies tips for your move:

1. Gather Your Packaging Supplies First

Sure, it may be hectic, stressful and tedious, but gathering up all of your necessary packaging supplies first is necessary. Since you will be spending your next few weeks organizing your items, tossing out junk you haven’t used and researching the right movers, getting this step out of the way first will save you plenty of time in the future.

Boxes, tape, labels (see below), protectors, are all supplies you will inevitably need.

2. Refrain from Using Garbage Bags

If there is one thing that all movers detest is when customers use garbage bags.

Whatever you do, refrain from utilizing garbage bags throughout your move. That said, if you must use garbage bags for things like linens and blankets then purchase heavy duty bags.

However, if you can avoid using garbage bags then by all means avoid them!

3. Labels – ‘Load Last, Unload First’

Labels are your best friend during the moving process, especially when the ordeal has been completed. Rather than opening up every single box trying to find a fork or your toothbrush, you have the labels to do the job for you. Without them, you’ll be stuck in a sea of boxes.

Moreover, it would be prudent to write on the labels “load last, unload first” to inform you which boxes have the most essential items, like dishes, pots or coffee mug.

4. Stuff Your Boxes with Small Items

Although it is conventional to use bubble wrap or peanuts, you can employ this simple measure: stuff your boxes with small items, such as socks, pillow cases, scarves and other tiny fabric items, in pockets of the boxes. This provides extra protection and gives you additional space.

5. Yes, Specialty Moving Boxes are Worth it

An annoying part of moving is when there are so many items that can’t be packed away into a cardboard box. These include but not limited to cribs, lamps or mattresses. Fortunately, there are specialty moving boxes available in the open market, which will eviscerate the headache of having unprotected pieces of furniture.

As many consumers will attest to, many movers won’t even transfer an item if it isn’t packed.

Packaging supplies are an essential aspect of the moving process. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a bachelor apartment or a three-bedroom home, packaging supplies are a must, and you need plenty of them. Remember, whenever you have a list of packaging supplies, always double or even triple the overall amount.

By the time you use up all of your packaging supplies, you will realize that you are only halfway done getting ready for your move tomorrow. It can be frustrating, but this is what usually happens to everyone.Should you find that you have leftover packaging supplies, be sure to keep them for the future.