Home History 5 Notorious Nazi Human Experiments Which Will Send Chills Down Your Nerves

5 Notorious Nazi Human Experiments Which Will Send Chills Down Your Nerves


Think you know all about the atrocities of Hitler, Believe me the “Truth is indeed stranger than fiction”.

1. Bone Transplant Experiments

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Experiments were conducted to study bone, nerve and muscle recovery and bone transplants starting with one individual then onto the next. Nazi specialists expelled bones muscles and nerves from casualties without the utilization of pain killers or anesthetics. The pitiless investigations prompted casualties to have their arms and legs amputated and large portions of the casualties were subjected to horrifying agony. Each endeavor to transplant a joint was a failure.

2. The Freezing Experiments

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These trials were mainly done to discover how long German pilots brought down by enemy fire could get by in the Icy waters of the north ocean. And furthermore, to perceive how to treat hypothermia, Doctor Sigmund Rascher submerged POW’s in cold water whose temperatures were a mind boggling -6 Degrees for up to 5 hours.

3. Artificial Insemination Experiments

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The infamous Heinrich Himmler requested Nazi specialist Carl Clauberg to falsely inseminate female prisoners. Whether they were inseminated with human sperm or animal sperm is unknown. After he had seen the consequences of his trials he would infuse the ladies with chemicals to end their pregnancies

4. The Twins Experiments

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From 1943 to 1944, Josef Mengele performed experiments on more than 1500 twins. He played out the analyses to see the similitudes and contrasts in the hereditary qualities of twins and furthermore to check whether the human body could be unnaturally mutilated. Just 200 individuals survived his underhanded examinations, once the investigations were finished Josef Mengele would infuse chloroform straightforwardly into the hearts of the twins to slaughter them.

5. The Sea Water Experiments

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To test the potability of ocean water, Nazi specialist Hans Eppinger gave vagabond prisoners nothing but only ocean water. Since the human kidneys can deliver pee that is marginally less salty then salt water they urinated more water than they actually drank. Because of this extreme lack of hydration set in and in the end it took 12 days for the ocean water to bring about serious complexities and demise.

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