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5 Party Rental Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Extravaganza


You might be seeing end-of-season sales everywhere you go, and some of your friends are already discussing autumn, but there is still plenty of beautiful summer days ahead of us.

With blue skies, warm temperatures and an abundance of day light, there is no need to think beyond Labour Day. In fact, now would be an opportune time to host an outdoor party, filled with those same relatives, colleagues and friends who say autumn leaves are around the corner.

If you are considering hosting an outdoor extravaganza then you need to have some party rentals.

Everything from the tent to decorations, there is so much you can do with an outdoor party. These tips can also be utilized for an outdoor wedding, graduation ceremony and others.

Here are five party rental tips for hosting an outdoor extravaganza:

1. A Tent is Your Insurance Policy

You may think that a tent is superfluous for your outdoor party. Indeed, the sun may be shining or the party may be at night so you won’t need the shade. However, you have no idea how sporadic the weather can be (as we have witnessed this past spring and summer!) so a tent can serve as an insurance policy for your tremendous party.

2. The Essential Rentals Everyone Needs

There are quite a lot of essential rentals that your party will need. These will help your guests have a great time and make the party easier to enjoy, especially when they’re trying to eat.

Some of the most essential rentals you will need will consist of plates, cutlery, tables for the food, linens and glasses. Don’t worry, you can buy an immense number of napkins for cheap.

3. Your Guests’ Comfort is the No. 1 Priority

As a host of a party, your No. 1 priority and concern should be your guests’ comfort. Although the party was your idea and you want to have a good time, you must always keep your guests at top of the mind, whether it’s their health, appetite or social thirst.

Remember, if you’re not thinking of the guests then you’re not much of a host. Sorry.

4. Is Décor Important to You?

Here is an important question to ask: is décor important to you? Do you want to have a theme? Do you want to spruce up the tent and other facilities with fun decorations?

Should the decorations be something that you want then you need to create a blueprint in advance. Everything from thematic ribbons to the lighting effects, party rental facilities have many options for you to choose from to spice the party up.

5. Furniture Pieces to Complement Your Party

Depending on how many guests you have attending your outdoor party, you may need to add furniture pieces to complement your shindig. This could consist of things like tables, chairs, benches and so much more.

Again, it may really depend on how many guests you may have arriving to your outdoor extravaganza. If it is in the single digits then it won’t be necessary to have furniture.


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