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5 Secret Tips to Get Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates


It has been a few years since Queen’s Park promised to lower your auto insurance premiums by at least 15 percent. To date, the province has only been able to decrease it by a couple of percentage points. It looks like you have to take matters into your hands to save some dough.

For many people, owning a car is essential, whether it is because you have three children or because your work is in the middle of nowhere. Since having a vehicle is a must, you need to fork over exorbitant amounts of money every single month to have auto insurance coverage.Despite being with the same insurance provider and never getting involved in an accident, you have noticed that your monthly or quarterly insurance costs never seem to go down.

Indeed, in today’s environment, it takes more than just not getting into an accident to have cheaper rates. You need to transform your lifestyle to get the best insurance rates possible. Is that unattainable? Not necessarily; you can start small and then work your way up.

Here are five ways to get cheaper auto insurance rates:

1. Move to Where the Rates Are Cheaper

A new report found that Ontario has the fewest auto accidents, but pay the highest insurance premiums. The study discovered that there are roughly 60,000 collisions every year, though drivers have to shell out $10 billion in insurance premiums.

When you dive deeper into previous reports, you find that certain pockets of the province pay cheaper rates. For instance, those living in Leaside or Forrest Hill will have lower premiums than someone living in the west end of the city.

In other words, perhaps it is time to move where the rates are cheaper. If you can get a better deal in Bennington Heights instead of Parkdale then maybe you should relocate. That is, if it’s doable.

2. Consider Installing Black Box Technology

One of the latest trends in the insurance business is installing black box technology. This is technology that monitors and tracks your driving behaviours. If you drive carefully, avoid getting into the vehicle when it’s dangerous outside and add fewer kilometres to your dashboard then you are rewarded by the insurance company.

There are privacy concerns, but as we can tell from various online services from the likes of Facebook and Google, if something is free then people are willing to make a concession.

3. Don’t Add Everyone on Your Policy

How many people in your household are full-time drivers? If there are just one or two out of six people in your homethen be sure to only add those one or two who are regular motorists. By having fewer people on your insurance policy, you avoid paying higher premiums, especially if you have novice drivers on your bill.

4. Take Care of Your Vehicle

When you want to have lower premiums, you should take care of your vehicle. And this doesn’t just mean cleaning the hubcaps, changing the oil filter and vacuuming your seats. We are talking about security.

Moving forward, it would be a prudent step to install a state-of-the-art alarm, implement a tracking device and institute an immobiliser. These can reduce your rates by around five to 10 percent per month.

5. Motor Along as Little as Possible

Finally, the ultimate way to pay as little as possible is to drive as little as possible.

Simply put: instead of driving six hours per day seven days a week, try to make minor cuts to your driving habits. You can cut an hour or two or slash a day or two from your regimen. The solution to this conundrum is to ride your bicycle, walk more or take public transportation.

Auto insurance is an expensive must-have product for your driving needs. The Ontario government doesn’t look like it will be doing anything moving forward – it will likely make grandiose promises ahead of next year’s provincial election – so you will need to take matters into your own hands. Sacrifices, extra care and installations are ways to get cheaper rates.

Remember, you must ask yourself: do you really need to take the car to drive two blocks to your favourite Starbucks location for a latte? The obvious answer is no.