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5 Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Flooring


You might live in a 15-bedroom mansion or you may live in a bachelor apartment. But both humble abodes have the same thing in common: trying to clean hardwood flooring is hard.Hardwood flooring is difficult to maintain and even harder to keep clean. That said, you need to employ the proper measures to ensure that your floors stay clean throughout the entire year.

Whether you’re renting an apartment or you’ve invested in new floors for your home, you always want to make certain that your hardwood floors have a lengthy lifespan. It doesn’t matter if you own the place or have a 13-month lease.

And, yes, just because you have a dog it doesn’t provide you with an excuse. The only thing a dog gives you is just a little bit more cleaning to do during your cleaning day.

Here are five tips for cleaning your hardwood flooring:

1. A Daily Sweep (or Swiff) of Your Floors

One of the most effective ways of keeping your floors clean at all times is to sweep (or Swiff) them on a daily basis. This can be hard to achieve if you live in a massive house, but if you live a modest space then sweeping every day shouldn’t take too long or require an arduous effort.

2. Vacuum & Mop Once a Week

When is your cleaning day? Friday? Sunday? Whenever it is, this is the time that you should proceed to vacuum your floors and then mop them with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

And here is the trick: the really heavily populated areas of the home – kitchen, bathroom or entrance – should be mopped two or three times over. This is the best way to maintain floors.

3. Clip Your Animals’ Nails

It can be frustrated to see scratches on the hardwood floors from your dogs or cats. The simple solution is to clip your animals’ nails whenever they get too long.

Moreover, if one of your pets placed an immense scratch on one of your tiles then you need to take advantage of a scratch remover and buff it out. It only costs a few dollars to get a hold of.

4. Immediately Wipe Your Floors When a Spill Occurs

You have spilled a cup of black tea on your living room floor. You have so much mud on the front entrance floor. You dropped your can of soda on the kitchen floor. Don’t let it sit there.

As soon as these spills happen, you need to take the proper action: wipe them up right away.If you let the liquids sit there for too long then they will create a long-term stain and cause permanent damage to your hardwood flooring that cost you thousands of dollars to install.

5. To Vinegar or Not to Vinegar – That’s the Question

Finally, here is a question that will likely never be answered: do you use vinegar or do you not use vinegar? That seems to be the question that can’t be answered – it is as perplexing as if there is an afterlife or how to win at solitaire.

Martha Stewart has contradicted herself a couple of times over the years, and we’re certain that our grandmothers have conflicting information.In the end, it is entirely up to your discretion whether to utilize vinegar for stains or not.Hardwood floors are nice, and they’re much better to have in your home than carpets – if you thought hardwood floors were hard to clean than trying living with white carpets!

As long as you sweep daily, mop weekly and trim you cats’ nails monthly then you can be confident that your hardwood floors will have an extensive lifespan.

Oh, before we finish, here is another great piece of advice: never wear you shoes in the house.