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5 Tips Your Dentist Will Give You for a Healthier Smile


Sometimes, when we think of the dentist, we invoke the imagery we had when we were kids!

You may believe that visiting your dentist might result in a lecture. We know, we know: you have to brush twice a day, floss every day and rinse your mouth with Listerine. Everyone knows the entire pitch, but not everyone follows through on the advice given by the dental professional.

Oral health is essential to a good and healthy life. Our teeth can serve as hints to our overall health. If they are white and clean then you’re most likely in good shape. If they’re the opposite – tartar, yellow and chips – then you should perhaps adjust your lifestyle a tad.

If you haven’t seen a dentist or a hygienist in a few years then you should get ready for what they will say to you. You may not want to hear it, but you have to, and you should abide by the tips.

Here are five things your dentist will tell you after your visit:

1. Always Rinse Your Mouth After Meals

Did you just have a superb meal comprised of sirloin burgers, steak cut fries and a glass of soda? That sounds great right now. The very first step you need to take after this meal is to rinse your mouth with water in the bathroom. By doing this, you can get rid of some of the leftovers stuck in between your teeth. This helps make the flossing experience a bit easier in the evening.

2. Oral Health, or How I Learned to Floss and Love it

Speaking of floss…

A majority of people refuse to floss their teeth. Whether it’s because we are too lazy or we don’t know how to properly floss, many of us refrain from instituting this important method in our regimen. Well, it’s about time you did because only flossing can access that gunk in your teeth.

3. Limit Your Intake of Sugar

Sugar…the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s health problems.

Let’s face it: sugar is life and sugar is love. It’s delicious and satisfies our taste buds. Unfortunately, until scientists create a product where sugar is actually great for your health, you have to limit your consumption of the ingredient. This means you have to reduce your intake of soda, desserts, candy and anything else with added sugar today. And we do mean today.

If there is one thing that you should do for pristine oral health it’s cut out the sugar.

4. Visit the Dentist Regularly

No, this isn’t a money grab. It’s the truth: you should visit your dentist regularly.

Dentists, or dental hygienists, have the training, the equipment and the experience to detect if something is wrong with your oral health. Should you have tartar or cavities, only they can come to this conclusion. You can’t do it on your own. Plus, it’s good to have a quarterly cleaning.

5. Change Your Toothbrush Every 30 to 60 Days

How long have you had your toothbrush? If you have said more than 90 days then now would be an opportune time to walk to your bathroom, grab your toothbrush and throw it in the trash.

A toothbrush can attract a lot of germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to change your toothbrush every 30 to 60 days – the former is preferable to the latter. Your teeth will thank you.

When we were kids, we viewed the dentist’s equipment as instruments of torture. Perhaps the technology that was used back in the day was rather frightening, but today it’s quite different. This means that you, even as an adult, shouldn’t be scared to visit the dentist.

The only thing you should be fearful of is if the dentist discovers a cavity. This means you haven’t brushed, flossed or rinsed properly and/or you have eaten way too much sugar.