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6 Creative Ways to Stand Out and Get Noticed by Recruiters


Marketing jobs are great for creative people who like solving different types of challenges. However, finding a job in this field can be difficult, especially if you are not sure what you could do to stand out from the competition.

Marketing recruiters can help you find the perfect job, but they first have to notice you. Here is how you can get noticed by marketing recruiters.

1. Make your resume stand out

If you don’t want your resume to disappear in a pile of similar resumes, you have to make sure it will stand out. Don’t use any generic business talk to describe your qualifications and your accomplishments.

You want to be seen as a marketing expert, so you should be able to use your resume to market yourself and your skills in a way that will make marketing recruiters notice you, and want to know more about you and your career.

2. Use the right keywords

Marketing recruiters want to know about your qualifications, but they also want to know what you have to offer to an employer and how you can meet their needs. While applying for a job, try to define the needs and expectations of the employer.

Use the right keywords in your resume to describe how your skills and experience would be a great asset for them. This is a simple way to make sure your resume will get noticed.

3. Build a strong online presence

Marketing recruiters spend a lot of time online searching for potential candidates, so be sure to build your online presence. Create a professional and engaging website, and write a blog to establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader in issues related to marketing.

Your online profiles, as well as all the content you have created and published online, should be easy to find for anyone who might try to type your name in a search engine.

4. Be professional on social media

Of course, your LinkedIn profile should describe your qualifications, your skills and your interests, but you should not neglect your other social media profiles. A strong online presence means you need to be easy to find on social media as well.

The main purpose of social media sites is to share content and to help people discuss different topics. Be sure to comment and to share articles posted by leaders in the marketing industry, as this will help marketing recruiters find you and think of you as a professional who is interested in learning new things and sharing thoughts and opinions.

5. Attend local networking events

A strong online presence is not enough. If you want to get noticed, you will need to attend local networking events. At these events, you should assume that everyone you meet and speak with could be a potential connection to a great marketing job.

You might meet, or get introduced to a marketing recruiter looking for a candidate just like you, or you might learn new ways to get noticed and to build a business network.

6. Never ignore a marketing recruiter

Some people make the mistake of ignoring recruiters if they are not currently looking for a job. If marketing recruiters contact you, be sure to respond to them. You might not be looking for a job at the moment, but building a relationship with a marketing recruiter is an easy way to make sure you will know who to call when you start looking for job opportunities.

Great marketing recruiters want to know important players in the industry, so you should always be glad to get noticed by one of them.