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6 Famous Celebrity Arrests and What Really Happened


The life of a celebrity is often envied by the common person as being fast, loud, and exciting. While that may be true, a celebrity still has the limits to which they can live life. When they cross those lines, they risk receiving bad publicity or even ruining their careers when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Some celebrities get arrested for car accidents or drunk driving, while others may commit crimes of a more severe nature.

Some famous celebrity arrests make for some interesting and juicy stories, however. For a few good examples of this, we have gathered six famous celebrity arrests that have happened in recent years.

1. A$AP Rocky

On July 2, 2019, A$AP Rocky turned himself in for questioning following a street fight. This led to his immediate arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault for which he could be facing six years in prison. However, the situation becomes far messier when you toss in the fact that the incident occurred in Sweden, making it a possible international incident.

This is because the Swedish police failed to notify the US Embassy of the American rapper’s incarceration. Said incarceration is also strange due to the fact that Swedish police are only allowed to hold people under investigation for three days, yet it has been decided that A$AP Rocky would be held for two weeks.

So far, this celebrity arrest has been an ongoing legal battle between the criminal lawyers and the prosecution. The rapper is still being held in custody as of now.

2. Julian Assange

The man at the centre of the infamous WikiLeaks organization was arrested on April 11, 2019. The incident calls back to the illegal release of American files in 2010 for which Assange has been openly sought for questioning regarding his involvement. The WikiLeaks founder had been taking refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy of London for seven whole years.

3. Conor McGregor

While this arrest fails to live up to international incidents or whistle blowing controversy, it still made a fair amount of news in March of 2019. The UFC fighter was charged with robbery and criminal mischief when he smashed a fan’s phone and walked away with it.

The incident happened at 5 a.m. at South Florida’s Fontainebleau hotel. The excited fan quickly whipped out his cellphone to get a shot of the famous fighter. Apparently McGregor did not appreciate this and expressed that by slapping the phone from the fan’s hands and promptly stomping on it. The robbery portion of his charge happened when he proceeded to pick up the smashed phone and carry it away.

4. Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti has been making many headlines lately due to his efforts in his professional life. As the lawyer representing actress Stormy Daniels, Avenatti is no stranger to the spotlight of criticism and controversy. His efforts have even went as far as drawing the ire of U.S. President, Donald Trump.

The lawyer hit trouble when he attempted to extort roughly $25 million from shoe company, Nike. He had apparently uncovered scandalous information regarding the company’s business in high school and college basketball. Clearly the attempt to extort did not go as well as he planned, however.

5. Jordan Klepper

A former star of The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper is well versed in covering political issues with humour and lightheartedness. However, things took a turn for the serious when he was arrested during a protest regarding undocumented immigrant children.
The arrest occurred when he and a group of nine people were being forced to leave a Board of Regents meeting at the Capitol Building of Georgia. Naturally, the group refused, leaving Klepper in handcuffs and detained. The comedian went on to tweet about the incident, saying, “I learned many things. Police cars are not built for lanky giraffe bodies was one. Another, there are good people fighting good fights across this land.”

6. Lori Loughlin

The Full House star was nabbed for her role in a massive college admissions fraud scheme that lit up news stations around the United States for days. Over a dozen people were arrested in the downfall of the conspiracy, but Loughlin was one of the most notable among them.

The indictment of Loughlin states that she paid $500,000 te secure places for both of her daughters as recruits on the USC crew team, despite neither of them having ever played the sport, taking the spots from hard working athletes who did. The actress also allegedly manipulated school records and even went as far as cheating on entrance exams. The money for the entire scheme is said to have been funneled through a charity related to the school.

Due to these issues coming to light, the actress has been dropped by her longtime employer Crown Media Family Networks, a company that produced all of her Hallmark Channel films. The character of Aunt Becky would be officially dropped from the fifth season of Netflix’s Fuller House, as well.