6 Vaping Tips That You Should Definitely Know


    Even if you’ve been vaping for a long time, you probably don’t know everything there is to know about it. If you’re like most people, your focus is probably on how to produce a larger cloud. Some people who have been practicing for a while can blow clouds that are incredible to watch, while others produce tiny puffs. Everyone has to start somewhere and you’ll appreciate knowing the vape tips below as you progress.

    1. Use a Quality Device

    You can increase the size of the clouds that you produce by vaporizing e-liquid faster. Your ability to do this will depend on the quality of the device used. In other words, the reason why one person can only produce small puffs while someone else produces a large cloud is usually because they have a better device. Although it is also about technique, the quality of the device makes a big difference. If you want to learn more, Dashvapes has more resources available on their website.

    2. Improve Airflow

    When you have better airflow, it’s much more comfortable for you to inhale, which is a way to increase the size of the clouds that you’re able to create. This can be facilitated by increasing the airflow on your atomizer.

    3. Choose a Trusted E-Juice Provider

    Even if you’re perfect in every aspect of vaping, it won’t matter if you have poor quality e-juice. This is the reason why you must be intentional about choosing quality products. It’s also worth noting that the quality of the e-juice chosen will also impact your ability to create a nice vape cloud.

    4. Be Meticulous About Cleanliness

    There is no way around the fact that cleanliness is critical when it comes to vaping because dirty coils are unsafe. It’s also a problem when it comes to the taste of e-juice because the issue of unclean coils or other vape components can ruin the flavor and overall experience.

    5. Pick Glass Tanks

    It’s best to choose glass tanks because they last longer and they won’t crack like plastic tanks. While you can certainly use plastic tanks if preferred or if you simply can’t afford glass tanks, just keep in mind that it’s not the best option. This is especially the case if you prefer flavors that are acidic because they are likely to cause a crack more than other flavors.

    6. Stay Hydrated

    Vaping is known to make you thirsty and becoming dehydrated can lead to vapor’s tongue, which means you won’t enjoy your vaping experience as much. It’s always a good idea to increase your intake of water when vaping.

    Hopefully these tips will help you have an optimal vaping experience and develop good vaping habits.