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7 Fire Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life


Fire is one of the most destructive forces in the world. Forest fires, for instance, can wipe out huge areas of land, destroying everything in its path. Thankfully, there are some amazing companies that have developed and produced high-quality fire resistant materials, which makes life safer for all of us. That being said, we should all take extra caution when dealing with fire. Here are the top 10 fire safety tips.

1. Keep cigarettes, matches and lighters in a safe place

This is particularly true when children are around, but you should always store your matches and lighters in a safe place away.

2. Watch and monitor open flames closely

Having an outdoor fire is an enjoyable experience, especially when camping, but you should always ensure that the fire is closely monitored. If you are leaving the fire, ensure it is completely doused.

3. Do not overload outlets or used frayed extension cords

Overload an outlet can result in a blown fuse or spark that could cause a fire. Frayed extension cords could also ignite a fire if the wires are exposed. Do not use them if they are deemed a hazard.

4. Be safe when cooking

Just like an open flame, you should never leave your stove or other hot appliances unattended. Keep an eye on all food that is being cooked, and keep your appliances clean and free of grit or grease.

5. Use candles cautiously

It’s always nice to have a candle lit dinner, or a cozy winter night on the couch with candles as mood lighting, but candles are the number one cause of house fires in North America. Use extra caution whenever using candles, and never leave them unattended.

6. Install smoke and heat detectors

Smoke detectors should be installed on every floor of the building, and rise of heat detectors are also recommended. Avoid placing them near kitchens or bathrooms so as not to set off false alarms.You should always test your smoke and heat detectors at least twice a year. If they are battery run, it is recommended that also change the batteries twice a year, such as during Daylight Savings.

7. Have a fire escape plan

No matter where you are, you should always know what to do if a fire starts. It is always safer to be outside than in a building, so make a note of the fastest and safest way out of the building.The old adage is still as true now as it was when first used many years ago. If any part of you is caught on fire, the best way to put it out is to stop, drop to the ground, and roll around to extinguish the flames.

Once you are safe, always call 911 to report a fire. Even if it is a relatively small fire, if it is beyond control, it can spread quickly and cause a lot of damage.