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7 Latest Shoe Trends That Are Gaining Popularity


What’s in your closet? A few pair of stinky sneakers? A pair of wedding shoes that you have only worn once four years ago for your sister’s wedding? A pair of flip flops that have become your go-to shoe once temperatures climb above 20 degrees Celsius?

Well, it doesn’t matter how many or how little shoes you own. It is time to update your wardrobe, buy a few pairs of new shoes, and look good in the process. Unsure what to buy? We have you covered.

Here are the seven latest shoe trends in 2019:

1. Vegan Shoes

Although vegans account for just one or two percent of the population, there are many more people who are at least shifting toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. In addition to Meatless Mondays and removing dairy from the diet, consumers are going green in their apparel – and not just the colour.

Vegan shoes are all the rage these days, though they are a bit on the expensive side.

This type of footwear is produced without any animal ingredients or byproducts and primarily made with synthetic, manmade materials. Brands are beginning to notice the benefits of vegan shoes, too, oftentimes selling shoes that are completely animal-free. You might poke fun at vegans, but you may be partly vegan and not even know it!

2. Velcro Strap Sandals

Velcro straps are among the latest shoe trends for fashionistas. Despite being primarily for children and seniors who have a hard time bending down to tie their shoes, velcro straps have become fashionable. If you don’t believe it, then be sure to check out any of the spring/summer fashion shows. You will inevitably notice many of the women sporting sandals that have velcro straps on them.

3. Oxford Shoes with No Heel

One of the most annoying things for men is when they wear their Oxford shoes or business footwear and the rubber heel continually erodes with every step you take. This is not only irksome, but it will also cost you money because then you need to purchase another pair.

What’s the solution? Oxford shoes with no heel. These are some of the most comfortable and economical shoes you will ever own. Although they are geared more toward the older crowd, a lot of young people who are tired of sneakers and dress shoes are snatching these kinds of shoes.

4. Sustainable Shoes

Like vegan shoes, sustainable shoes are incredibly popular with consumers who are trying to have a positive impact on the planet. They don’t want to wear leather or fur, but they still want to look good.

Thankfully, sustainable shoes accomplish both.

So, what is it exactly?

During every stage of production, the shoes are manufactured with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture without any pollutants or chemicals. This is a remarkable development for the footwear industry, especially as they, too, become a disposable form of apparel.

5. Buckles

Throughout the Victoria Era, buckle shoes were all the rage. Then, in the 1970s, they became fashionable again. They returned briefly in the 1990s. Absent for a couple of decades, the buckled shoe is popular once again. Sporting or business, leisure or beach – the buckle is being embraced by men and women alike.

Indeed, it is all about the … buckles.

6. Bright and Bulky Sneakers

Let’s be honest: The sneaker is getting old real fast.

Yes, celebrity athletes are dishing out thousands of dollars for the Air Jordan sneakers. But the average consumer wants something a little bit different.

Enter: Bright and bulky sneakers.

These shoes are surprisingly becoming really popular, especially for younger people. For the time being, they are unique and stylish – two of the most important aspects of fashion. The price can range from affordable to out of range, but it depends on the brand, where you shop, and how much your budget it.

7. Comfort Over Style

Finally, the biggest shoe trend of 2019 – and quite possibly beyond – is not fashion-related at all. It is about comfort. This is why ballerina flats are some of the top-selling shoes for women, whether it is business or casual. Or, for men, anything with a flat surface is preferable to the dress shoe. Ultimately, being comfortable in our hectic world is the better option than perhaps looking good but being immensely uncomfortable.

What is in your shoe closet? If you are someone who has dozens of pairs of shoes, then it is more than likely that you only consistently wear a couple of those shoes. If you are someone who has only one shoe, then you possibly need a couple more. Whatever the case might be, perhaps it is time to give your closet – perhaps a shoe closet – a makeover. And the only way to achieve this is to find out the latest shoe trends that are in style.