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7 Lesser Known Facts About Plastic Surgery Which Everyone Should Know


A vast majority of people have this popular belief that plastic surgeries are only performed in order to get an enhanced look. This is as south from the truth as possible.

In this article, I’ll tell you 7 ways by which plastic surgery can be really helpful and not just for making your face attractive.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Do You Sweat Profusely? Here’s How Plastic Surgery Can Help You


Everybody sweats but some sweat way more than others. This condition is known as Hyperhidrosis. It is quite embarrassing and in summers, it becomes worse. A plastic surgeon can help in treating this condition by removing sweat glands from the patient’s body.

2. Plastic Surgeons Use Leeches To Prevent Blood Clots

Leeches are being used for several years by plastic surgeons all around the world. They are used as they prevent blood clotting and hence, help in the regular flow of blood. A breast lift having blood clots can be prevented using leeches and so can be a reattached finger which is not getting a proper blood flow.

3. Cleft Lips And Cleft Palates Can Be Treated With Plastic Surgery

Cleft Lips and Cleft Palates are common deformities mostly in Asian countries. They result in feeding issues, breathing problems, dental problems and also make children prone to infections as the mouth is never completely closed.

These can be treated with plastic surgery and these abnormalities can, thus, be  corrected.

4. Been Through Breast Cancer? Breast Reconstruction Surgery Can Give Your Old Curves Back

Plastic surgeons perform breast reconstruction surgery on those patients who have lost their natural breasts due to breast cancer. This boosts their confidence and play a massive psychological factor in their recovery.

5. If Your Fingers / Toes are Joined by Birth, Plastic Surgery Can Help You in Separating Them

1 in every 3000 newborns have this condition known as Syndactyly. In this, the toes, or the fingers are webbed or joined with each other. They look abnormal.

If you have this condition, a plastic surgeon will be best suited for the job of separating them and making them look normal after the surgery.

6. Do You Have A Burn Spot? Skin Grafting Can Make it Disappear!

Plastic surgeons are the experts in skin grafting where they take out skin from one body area (such as inner thighs, buttocks) are transplant it to the burnt part of the body.

Due to this medical enhancement, today a person can be saved even if he/she is 90% burnt. On an average, a person is injured every 23 minutes due to fire related incidents. This is how important plastic surgery as a medical science is.

7. Lost A Finger, Lip or Ear? Microsurgery Can Give it Back

Plastic Surgeon are trained to perform microsurgery. It is a process where surgeons literally perform surgery under microscope. They deal in reconstruction of lost fingers, lips, ears and other body parts by sewing tiny blood vessels and nerves.

Facial paralysis is also treated with microsurgery and so is breast reconstruction.

These are the 7 things which can be treated with plastic surgery but not many people are actually ware of it. Help us spread the knowledge by sharing this article.