7 Warning Signs Your Furnace Is Breaking


    A furnace is crucial to heating your home, especially during winter. However, for it to be of any use, it should be maintained regularly. There is nothing as frustrating as to suddenly realize that your prized furnace is not working. It does not help matters if you are in the middle of a severe winter.

    Knowing when to replace your furnace is not easy, especially if it has served you for years without a hitch. With time, every device conks out. There comes a time when equipment has to be replaced, and your furnace is no exception. It has an expiry date. Below are some of the signs that indicate you should replace your furnace.

    1. Your Heating Bill Is Too High

    If you notice a sudden spike in your heating bill, this could be an indication that your furnace is struggling.  Always review your past bills to see if there are sudden increases in energy usage. If you have suddenly started to pay more than usual, but the rate of your energy usage hasn’t changed, your furnace may not be working as efficiently as it should.

    2. Your Home Has Become Dusty and Dry

    If it suddenly gets harder to keep your home clean and moisturized, your heating system may be failing. If you or some of your family members start to develop sinuses or dry skin, especially during winter, this could be due to the air in your home being extremely dry.

    It could also be due to setting the humidifier in your home too low, or perhaps you have air leaks in your home that are allowing humid air to escape. If none of these reasons applies, chances are your heating system is crying out for replacement. Old furnaces depend on the air inside your home for combustion, making the air in your home dry. A new furnace, however, uses outdoor air for combustion. This allows your home to maintain the right levels of humidity.

    3. Uneven Temperatures in Your Home

    Uneven distribution of heat in your house could be an indication that your furnace is not working as it should. In an ideal situation, room temperatures should be the same throughout your house. If this is not the case, it could be that your ventilation system or your furnace can no longer maintain the right balance of temperatures in your house.

    4. Strange Noises

    As they age, furnaces become noisy. In themselves, the noises should not alarm you. However, make note of changes in the noise such as rattling, squeaking, banging etc. Such strange noises could be trying to warn you that your furnace is approaching its expiry date. Another sign that you should repair or replace your furnace is if the blower is working intermittently. If it keeps going off, or blowing cold or cool air, have it inspected by a professional.

    5. Rust

    Rust on the floor or on your furnace is evidence that your device is corroding. As a result, your furnace could be trying to work extra hard to keep your home warm. Any sign of rust is not good.

    6. Yellow Flame

    Besides rust, if your furnace flame is yellowish instead of blue, it could be producing the dangerous carbon monoxide gas. This is a serious issue. Get everyone out of the house and call a technician right away.

    7. Too Many Repairs

    If you repair your furnace too frequently, especially for the same problem, it is just a matter of time before it dies on you. Rather than wait for a winter emergency to occur, replace it now.

    The above signs do not automatically indicate that you need a new furnace. It could be that your furnace needs a tune-up. However, depending on the severity and frequency of these signs, a replacement is sometimes the only option.