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9 Obscure Political Parties in Canada and Their Platforms


With the Canadian federal election just around the corner, now would be an opportune time to become acquainted with the political parties of the Great White North that do not receive as much mainstream media coverage as the big four. Although the country is governed by four major political parties – the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, and Greens – there are dozens of other political outfits that continually run candidates across the country.

Some are a one-issue party, while others want to go as far as building taller schools to support higher education and banning guns and butter because they kill people.

Are you interested in learning about other political parties? We have you covered! Here are nine obscure political parties in Canada to know:

1. Rhinoceros Party

For most Canadians, the economy, health care, immigration, and taxes are the most pressing issues every election. But what about repealing the law of gravity, giving everyone a free rhinoceros, and storing nuclear waste in the Senate? These are the issues the Rhinoceros Party is campaigning on.

Despite satirical in nature, the party aims to show how disenfranchised the entire nation has become by electing the same politicians and parties over and over again.

So, the next time a Conservative or New Democrat delivers a speech, remember the immortal speech of Michel Rivard: “I have but two things to say to you: Celery and Sidewalk. Thank you, good night.”

2. Canada’s Fourth Front

Marketing itself as an alternative to the big three, Canada’s Fourth Front Party is a left-leaning organization is promising everything from free tuition to free Via Rail travel for young people in the summer months to guaranteed jobs for teenagers. As you can tell, this is one of the political parties in Canada that are more youth-oriented.

But it offers goodies for everyone else, too: removing the right to appeal by corporations against private citizens, reconcile Natives, and cash for seniors in retirement.

3. Canadian Action Party

The Canadian Action Party proposes a number of policies that could attract voters on all sides of the political spectrum: electoral reform, monetary revision, and a Canada First agenda. It also opposes globalization and free trade agreements signed by the federal government.

4. Stop Climate Change

This is one of the political parties in Canada inspired by the climate change revolution. Its platform is apparent in its name: The Stop Climate Change Party. This is a new entity on the scene, registering for party status at the federal level just in time for the upcoming general election. All of its policies are put forward with one idea in mind: Stop climate change now!

5. Christian Heritage Party of Canada

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada wants to make the federal government a religious institution. The CHP wants the nation to be governed by the principles according to the Christian faith. It believes that it can satisfy modern-day public policy needs by adhering to Judeo-Christian values of justice and compassion, whether it is socially conservative or fiscal conservative issues.

6. Marijuana Party

The name should tell you everything you need to know about the party. First and foremost, the Marijuana Party is all about weed. But didn’t Canada legalize marijuana? Yes, but the Marijuana Party wants to eliminate by-laws, charters, and restrictions.

Ultimately, it considers itself to be all about decentralization.

7. Animal Protection Party

Animal rights are the name of the game for the Animal Protection Party. But you can describe it as a hybrid of the Green Party and the Stop Climate Change Party. Unfortunately for those with a libertarian heart, it wants to intervene in the private decisions of your life, including what you put on your plate at dinnertime.

8. National Citizens Alliance

The National Citizens Alliance Party is one of those political parties in Canada that could become controversial if it was more well-known. Why? Because it adopts the principles of today’s right-wing populism, merges with some libertarian ideas, and attracts the left all at the same time.

For instance, it wants to reduce immigration levels to 50,000 per year, going against the existing immigration policies in Canada. The political party also wants a flat tax system, it wants to reform the justice system, it wants to enable citizen-initiated referendums, and it wants to reinstitute the 1934 version of the Bank of Canada Act.

Interesting to say the least…

9. Communist Party

Yep, the Communists are still around us, but the Red Scare is long gone. The Communist Party remains one of the longest active parties in Canadian history, promoting the ideas of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and all the other champions of apparent heroes of communism and socialism of the 20th-century.

Who will you be voting for? Have any of the political parties cured your apathy? Are you sitting this one out? Whatever the case, it is always a good idea to acquaint yourself with the latest (or oldest) political parties competing for your ballot. The reality is, however, that Canada will continue to be run by the same two political parties – Liberals and Conservatives – with the off chance that the New Democrats get a chance in the next few elections.

So, who is up for a free rhinoceros?