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Twist On Your Wrist: 7 Characteristics of Wooden Watches


Time. It runs our lives. It is the only way we can keep track of when we are supposed to be anywhere, and in this fast-paced world, we are always heading somewhere. Nowadays almost everybody has a phone which doubles as our clock, however that doesn’t mean the wristwatch is on its way out. On the contrary, watches are a key accessory to any stylish outfit, and the latest style is wooden watches, and they get to boast some very attractive features.

1. Wooden Watches are unique.

Wood is a beautiful resource, and like snowflakes, no two wood grains are the same. The tones and whorls in the wood will be unique to your watch, even if the style you’ve chosen isn’t necessarily one-of-a-kind.

2. Wooden watches are trendy.

Wooden watches are still rare enough that having one will attract attention. Wooden watches aren’t too flashy, but rather, they will add a nice, classic touch to your look. And they can go with any style you choose due to the many different models and colours available. They go especially well with hard-sided and soft-sided leather briefcases. Wooden watches are fashionable; however, they are not over-popular. Not everybody has one, which makes them still a very unique choice.

3. Wooden watches are earth-friendly.

Wooden watches are much better for the earth! Not only is wood a renewable resource, but it also uses less energy to work with than other materials, like metals. Many wooden watches are created out of recycled wood, so there aren’t very many new resources going into the making of these products. They also aren’t full of unknown chemicals like some other products, they’re all natural, and they can help out anybody who has allergies to materials commonly used in watches – wooden watches are generally hypoallergenic and nickel free.

4. Wooden watches are made to last.

Like anything, there are cheaper, lesser quality versions of wooden watches, however legitimate brands will give you a watch that is made to withstand your life, and to last for a long time. Buying a good quality wooden watch doesn’t mean the price is jacked up either. You can still get quality wooden watches in the $100-$200 range.

5. Wooden watches are often customizable.

Many companies selling wooden watches offer a customizable option instead of buying their pre-designed watches. For example, Tense wooden watches allow you to customize the dial colour, the strap, and the case – the part that holds the dial in place. Tense offers engraving for $15 to help ensure your watch is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. This is fairly common with most companies that sell wooden watches.

6. How much do wooden watches cost?

Like any watch, you can find different styles and brands in a very wide range of prices. Wooden watches can cost anywhere from around $100 to up into the thousands. You’ll have to take into account the brand and functions offered to find something in your price range that fits your needs.

7. What are wooden watches made of?

Wooden watches are versatile, they can be made out of a ton of different kinds of wood which helps make them even more unique because of the different properties in each kind of wood. Some common woods are bamboo, rosewood, maple wood, butternut, olive, sandalwood, walnut, teak, ebony and mahogany. Of course, then there may be other materials for the strap or the inner workings. There are many ways manufacturers can implement other materials like metal and leather to make more interesting and unique watches.

Wooden watches are a trendy, unique, and earth-friendly choice to make when you’re picking out your new timepiece. They are a small but important accessory to complete your perfect outfit.


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