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Action Movies That Shall Make You Go “Oh Wow”


Some of the films in this list are master pieces that shall stand the test of time and sorting them deserves an Oscar in itself 🙂

10. Alien

via Matthew McQuilkin

The crew of a space shuttle gets trapped on a planet while following an alien space craft signal. Where they are later attacked by the creature one by one.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road

via canburak

The director of the film is George Miller and he absolutely hates VFX . Some of the chase sequences are indeed spectacular and yes real.

8. Dirty Harry

via Movieslist2010

Being an avid Clint Eastwood fan, this is arguably his coolest character.

9. Skyfall

via Musa Hassan

You can argue why Casino Royale did not make the list , but Skyfall is any day more captivating.

6. The Bourne Ultimatum

via Nursohib Mahmudin

All the films in the Jason Bourne series are fabulous but the final chapter is definitely the best of the lot

5. Star Wars IV: A New Hope

via Tio hanny

This might create a riot amongst fans but A New Hope is the best Star Wars film EVER. There I said it.

4. Predator

via John Morey

Arnie in his prime was a master piece . Watch this blood pumping action flick just for him.

3. Fast Five

via Automotive Rhythms

The Best of the lot. Period. Watch out for the twist at the end.

2. Terminator

via José Luis Guerrero

One of James Cameron’s finest films and he has made plenty of jems over the years. Still as fresh today as it was 25 years ago.

1. The Dark Knight

via digitalpotato

Arguably the greatest film of all time. Heath Ledger as the joker is the greatest portrayal of any character of any movie ever.