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Haven’t Seen G.O.T. Yet? Find Top 11 ‘MEN’ Characters Who Won Our Hearts in Game of Thrones


Games of Thrones is a fascinating show. It is filled with characters you shall absolutely love or absolutely Love to hate. Here are the 10 men that stood out.

11. Theon Greyjoy

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Ohh you poor poor lad. As the show progresses you shall feel pity at some of the heinous acts that are performed on him.

10. Davos Seaworth

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An debate can be made that Sir Davos is actually the wittiest character of the show. Performed impeccably by Liam Cunningham.

9.  Khal Drogo

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This is one mean dude. Get into his way and he shall rip your heart out literally.

8. Samwell Tarly

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Samwell is a sweet fat chap with a happy go lucky attitude . He eventually gets lucky with the woman as well.

7. Littlefinger

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My personal favorite. He is vicious cunning and probably the cleverest of the lot.

6. Ned Stark

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Difficult to choose between Rob and him as both were scrupulous in there own right. But eventually both are DEAD. I guess it’s “Not a great place to be a Good guy”.

5. Jamie Lannister

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One of the greatest character transformations in TV history . From despising the guy you actually start feeling for him.

4. Tywin Lannister

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Cold very very cold is the best way to describe Tywin. Win at all costs even if it means at the expense of your son.

3. The Hound

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Sandor Clegane, he is one scary dude. Probably the strongest characters on the show. My fantasy fight would be one between him and Khal Drogo.

2. Tyrion Lannister

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The undisputed King of comebacks . You can’t win an argument with him. A riot shall ensue if any thing were to happen to him.

1. Jon Snow

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Jon Snow may “Know Nothing” but he sure as hell has cheated death with a little help from the “Red Woman” of course. He is the few honorable men left in all of Westoros. So its ok if you root for him. But don’t you dare develop any affinity towards him or he might be next. AGAIN