It’s Getting Hot in Here: 5 Air Conditioner Mishaps to Avoid


    It’s the summer and it happens to be a really hot day. You’re feeling all sweaty and drained of energy, but that’s okay. You have an air conditioner. You decide to turn it on but it has other ideas! It’s not working and you can’t believe your bad luck. Has this ever happened to you? Well, it can be really annoying and on a day like this, it can make you feel twice as angry. You call for your air conditioner to be repaired. The wait begins as you wipe your brow in the sweltering heat. If only you had checked sooner, right?

    Let’s look at the five common mishaps to do with air conditioners and learn what to avoid:

    1. Incorrect Wiring

    If you had your air conditioner installed by some handyman with no authority to do the job, you could have trouble. The handyman most likely won’t be licensed and may not follow proper procedures. The unit may not be wired properly. If this is the case, then it may not work as it should. It may not cool the room properly and could also be a fire hazard. When it comes to electrical machinery, it’s best to use the correct people to do the job. Trying to cut corners or save money in instances like this could be more costly than you had anticipated.

    2. Maintenance

    It’s important to maintain your unit in good, working order. By doing this regularly, you will have very little problems, especially in the summer. This is the one time of the year you DON’T want to have any air conditioner problems. With regular maintenance, you can prevent small issues from turning into costly problems. If an authorized technician regularly checks your unit, they can identify small problems and advice you so that it does not grow to be a huge concern. Yes, you will spend money on the maintenance, however, it’s better to pay smaller amounts rather than one big bill of several thousand dollars.

    3. Moisture

    If there’s moisture build-up in the system, then you’ll need it serviced. Though air conditioners are built to reduce moisture from building up, it can happen. Normally, the water is drained outside, but in the event it does get clogged, moisture can build inside and this could be dangerous. Elements may get corroded and of greater concern is a potential fire it could cause. When this happens, you should not handle it yourself. Instead, call an experienced and authorized technician to deal with it before an accident happens.

    4. Wrong Sized AC

    If you installed an air conditioner that’s too small to cool your home, there’s a possibility that it could break down. You’ll have no choice but to call for it to be repaired. Even if it’s repaired, there is the possibility of it breaking down again, unless there are other units in your home to share the burden. It’s important that the initial installation is done right and by the proper people. They are trained to know what size will do the job for your home. You might have this problem if you had someone unlicensed do the initial installation.

    5. Overuse

    During the summer months when the heat can be unbearable, there may be a tendency to use the AC continuously. On the one hand, it will keep the place cool but on the other, this over usage will have a negative impact on the unit. Extended periods of exertion can damage the unit, especially without regular maintenance checks. It could even stop working altogether. Assuming you don’t have it on some kind of timer device, where it automatically goes into a dormant stage when a certain temperature is reached, then you’ll have to use your discretion and turn it off yourself and then turn it back on later.

    Take care of your AC and have regular check-ups on it. If necessary, make sure you get help with the air conditioner repair to ensure the system is in working condition. otherwise you will end up replacing it sooner than you should. It can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the make and model as well as the size.

    One last tip; you could use this rule (the 5,000 rule) when deciding if you need to repair or replace your unit. Multiply the age of your air conditioner by the cost to repair it. So, if your AC is 6 years and the repair cost is $500, which will give you $3,000, then repair it. If it’s greater than $5,000, then replace it.