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Let Your Hair Down: 6 Ways to Enjoy Your Experience at the Hair Salon


No one wants a bad experience at the hair salon. From too-short cuts to bad service in general, there are a variety of ways things could go badly wrong. Read on to discover some tips on hose to find the absolute best hair stylist for both your hair and your lifestyle.

1. Have a Good Conversation

Probably one of the most important things to do in order to have a good experience at the hair salon is to have a good consultation with the stylist. This is when you can tell him or her what you don’t like in a cut/colour, what you want for your hair, and any challenges you have with your hair.

Discuss shampoos and conditioners and any styling aids you use. Talk about how long you want to spend on your hair every day and your level of comfort when it comes to styling it. Talk about any chemicals you’ve had on it. It’s especially important to tell him or her if you’ve had any colour put on it over the life of your hair, including henna.

Make sure the stylist knows what you don’t want. Sometimes that’s easier to articulate than what you do want. Start there.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Ask whatever you need to be able to feel comfortable with the stylist. Don’t expect him or her to know what you want unless you can explain it. Ask how much experience he or she has, what kind of certifications, and when the last time a refresher class was done.

3. Know the Difference Between a $10 Cut and a $100 Cut

It is sometimes tricky to know when someone is undercharging or overcharging. Basically, if you are paying $10 to $25 for your haircut, you will get a fast service that probably doesn’t include a wash and style, just a cut. Your cut will take between 15 minutes and half an hour. In these cases, you get what you pay for.

In the mid-range of $30 to $50, you will expect a longer service, about 45 to 60 minutes. In the higher end of cuts, you will get a more experienced, senior stylist; expect a very thorough consultation and advice. Your service should last around an hour.

4. Go to an Experienced Stylist

Hairdressing is a skilled trade, which means it requires hand-on experience, constant upgrading, and lots of time to perfect. A great stylist is one who loves his or her career and continues to invest both time and money in it.

5. Do Your Research

The Internet is a great place to start. Just remember that reviews aren’t always the best judge of a stylist since some people just like to complain; others will give their friends a great review despite a mediocre job. If you check Yelp, use the filtered reviews to get a realistic view of the reviews.

6. What to Do if You’re Not Happy

If you have a consultation and even a service from your stylist and you just aren’t happy, then speak with the owner, manager, or director of the salon, as long as it isn’t a chair rental salon (in which case each stylist is her or his own business). Always try to give the salon the benefit of the doubt that they will try to make you happy.

If they don’t do everything they can to make you happy, move on to another hair salon in the area. It typically takes three visits for any one stylist to come to know your hair and your preferences. Give your stylist a chance!